Osram Opto fine-tunes Power TopLED for more light, more colors

Nov. 23, 2005
Date Announced: 23 Nov 2005 Osram Opto Semiconductors has further developed its thin-film technology, not only increasing the luminous efficacy of the Power TopLED but also extending the colour palette. The LEDs produce various red and yellow tones and are up to 150% more efficient than before, depending on the colour. In addition to amber (617 nm), Power TopLEDs are now available in yellow (590 nm), orange (606 nm), red (625 nm) and super red (633 nm) in the previous brightness levels and also in brighter versions. The orange Power TopLED for example is available in a version with around 3 lm and one with more than 7 lm at an operating current of 50 mA. Osram engineers achieved this increase by making further improvements to thin-film technology. This technology enables almost all the light generated in the semiconductor chip is emitted through the top. Luminous efficacy is higher as a result, and the red and indium gallium aluminium phosphide (InGaAlP) LEDs are bright enough for new applications.Thanks to their high luminous efficacy, the LEDs are ideal for example for rear light clusters and indicators on vehicles and for display panels for traffic control systems that are now appearing above motorway lanes. They are also now coming into con-sideration for applications which, because of brightness requirements, have previously been the preserve of conventional light sources – applications such as information and advertising displays. Traditional LED lighting applications also benefit because higher brightness levels mean that fewer light sources are needed. This not only saves energy but also reduces the costs for the entire lighting system. Improved thin-film chips will also benefit other light emitting diodes in addition to the Power TopLED. Improved versions of Advanced Power TopLED, SideLED, Golden DRAGON and the miniaturised PointLED will follow in the coming year.

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