Report says HB-LED market to reach $10.8 billion by 2010

Nov. 9, 2005
Date Announced: 09 Nov 2005 Glen Allen, Virginia: By 2010 the combined market for high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) will enter a new phase of its evolution, according to a new report published jointly by industry research firms NanoMarkets and CIR. The combined market for standard HB-LEDs and the new ultra-high brightness LEDs (UHB-LEDs) will grow from $ 5.0 billion in 2006 to $10.8 billion in 2010 and reach $ 17.4 billion in 2013. Information about the report titled "The Global Market for HB-LEDs" can be found at or Highlights:* UHB-LEDs appear. LEDs with an output greater than 250 lumens are being commercialized, making HB-LEDs a practical solution for many lighting, photographic and medical applications. In 2010 the market for UHB-LEDs alone will total $3.6 billion.* General illumination taking off. General illumination will become the fastest growing application for HB-LEDs between now and 2010. By 2010 much of the $3.6 billion in UHB-LEDs sold will be for general illumination applications, to which must be added an additional $860 million in regular HB-LEDs.* Displays and signage -- the OLED factor. Because of similar market and technical requirements, displays and signage represent a natural diversification for HB-LED manufacturers currently selling into the mobile phone market. Thanks to HB-LEDs, displays will be bigger and use less power. OLEDs are a wild card, since OLED displays and signage will not require HB-LED backlighting. By 2010, displays and signage will account for approximately $2.2 billion in HB-LED sales.* Improved materials and production technology. The report claims that new developments in materials and production technologies will help drive cost points lower and quality higher. Among the areas discussed are the impact on HB-LEDs of silicon photonics, thin-film technology, nanotechnology and pure Gallium Nitride substrates, as well as the evolution of better packaging and fabrication technologies.About the Report:The report, The Global Market for HB-LEDs, provides an analysis and eight-year (unit, volume and price ) forecast of all major application segments for HB-LEDs. These include mobile appliances, LCD displays, automotive applications, traffic signals, signage and general illumination. It also analyzes new niche opportunities for HB-LEDs including automobile headlights, personal projectors, test and measurement equipment and various biomedical applications. A forecast for the entire LED market is also included with breakouts of HB-LED, UB-LEDs, standard LEDs and indicator LEDs. The report reviews the evolving strategies and market shares of companies in this market including not only market leaders-- such as Cree, Lumileds, Nichia, OSRAM, and Toyoda Gosei -- but promising start-ups and emerging players in Asia. Data for this report was collected from extensive interviews of leading companies throughout the entire value chain, from materials providers, to LED manufacturers, to OEMs. These interviews were carried out in Asia, Europe and North America, by a multinational team. About NanoMarkets: NanoMarkets analyzes the market opportunities and disruptions brought about by advances in technology at the micro and nano scale. Through its reports, white papers and customized client engagements, the firm provides clients with insightful analyses of both the commercial and technology-related issues that will determine where and how their business opportunities will emerge or be impacted.About CIR:CIR is a leading industry analyst firm specializing in the areas of communications and data networking systems, optoelectronic components and chips. Through its reports, market advisory services and custom client engagements, CIR provides insightful research, analysis and consulting services for its clients and the industry at large.

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