Automated machine attachs lenses to LEDs

Jan. 14, 2005
Date Announced: 14 Jan 2005 This machine is designed to attach a lens to an LED, which has a wide range of applications. They are used in traffic light systems, medical, backlighting for LCD monitors and televisions, building illumination, portable lighting, automotive and camera flash. New applications are still being explored to expand the use of this special LED to more areas.The lens comes in a spool form which can consist of 2 to 10 lens per spool. The lens handling portion is designed to be versatile in order to cater for different arrays and configurations of the lens spool. These spools are stacked into a spool carrier. An intelligent elevator system is built to feed the spools of lens from the spool carrier to the insertion mechanisms. These carriers even though are of different designs due to the various spool configuration, can be placed into the elevator system without any conversion.The spool lens is picked up from the carrier then placed onto a rotary spool holder. This spool holder can cater for all the different spool designs without any conversion because it is driven by an intelligent drive system which will automatically adjust itself based on the lens type. The lens will then be cut off from the spool and inserted to the LED body. A strip of copper based alloy with LED body molded onto it is moved below the lens. The LED body is placed into a table which is moved in a linear motion. This is achieved through the integration of a high accuracy drive system in the machine.Once all the lens had been inserted to the LED, the whole strip is moved to output magazine.

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