StockerYale extends Cobra LED Line Lights product range

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8197 0 main Date Announced: 28 Jan 2005

StockerYale, Inc., a leading provider of specialized illumination products, has extended its COBRA™ LED product line to include units having lengths of 125 mm, 250 mm and 500 mm.

The product line also now includes devices emitting blue (470 nm), UV (405 nm), red (630 nm) and white light. Other wavelengths are also available.

The new devices produce a maximum illuminance of 220,000 lux (at 630 nm).

The COBRA line lights are based on StockerYale’s unique patent-pending chip-on-board reflective array (COBRA) technology.

This method of LED module fabrication yields extremely bright, uniform thermally efficient illumination. LED dice are placed at the centers of miniature cup-shaped mirrors, which involve layers of carefully chosen thermally and electrically conductive materials, built right into the array substrate.

Applications for the COBRA line lights include web inspection (of paper, money, lumber, advanced glass for LCDs and FPDs), real-time processing of lumber, and UV-curing.

For more information about StockerYale Canada and their innovative illumination solutions, contact StockerYale Canada, 275 Kesmark, Montreal, Quebec, H9B 3J1. Call 514-685-1005; fax: 514-685-3307.

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