Clinching process for assembly of LED tail-lights

Jan. 14, 2005
Date Announced: 14 Jan 2005 This machine uses clinching technology to assemble LEDs on vehicle tail-light products for the automotive industry.This machine is designed specifically to provide an environmentally friendly solution to replace conventional soldering processes. It can be customized depending on device application, and is a reliable solution for LED assembly processes. The machine has a multiple shipping tubes input feature of which each carrying about 60 units. It has the capability of polarity check and orientation where units are tested and rotated according to the preset programmed.A high speed XY table capable of handling multiple leadframes (JEDEC or custom) is used to position the leadframe into the clinch location. The table has a maximum traveling clinch area of 850mm x 850mm for flexible layout batch processing. The table is designed and built to achieve the positioning with an accuracy of 10 micron. The clinch profile is programmable accordingly to the user requirement using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) presented on the computer monitor.The LED is clinched using a set of precision dieset installed on the servo press. The press design consists of cam and mechanical linkages, is able to clinch the unit at a high speed of 2 seconds per clinch. When LED lead is cut and pressed into ductile material around the cutting edge, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed cutting recess in the base of the LED panel. Thus, self-clinching of LED becomes a permanent part of the panel or other item into which they are installed.The clinching process is a viable substitute for mechanical fasteners and spot welding for several reasons. It requires no additional parts, no additional fasteners. Therefore the cost of fasteners and equipment to feed them to the correct location is eliminated.The machine has a modular dieset to allow quick changeover of tooling with minimal cost and downtime. The clinching process does not require the peripheral equipment needed for spot welding such as high current electrical and cooling systems and ventilation installations.

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