Stable high-illumination lighting for machine vision

Jan. 27, 2005
Date Announced: 27 Jan 2005 The new MG Wave high-powered coaxial spot LED lights (MCEP Series) from Moritex provide the stable, high illumination for machine vision applications requiring optimal lighting conditions.In constant pursuit of the optimal lighting and lens conditions, Moritex is now offering a new kind of LED lighting. With LED lighting, heat control has always been the major challenge. Moritex has adopted a constant current detection control system in which the heat-generating limiting resistor is relocated from inside the light to the power source, thereby enabling heat emission to be controlled. Moritex's new "MG Wave" LED lighting includes a range of other unique technical features.Designed to be compatible with machine micro lenses the small, lightweight MCEP Series lamps utilise proprietary collector optics and light guides for maximum illumination. Stable illumination is ensured through use of a choice of dedicated single channel or three-channel constant-current power source.Moritex offers two optical fibre guide connection options that can be utilised with the high-powered spot LEDs. The two options are the single lamp type guide (MCEP-ADLG) and a three-lamp guide (MCEP-AD3LGB). These options take advantage of Moritex's optical fibre technology to effectively direct the light to the light guide without losing intensity and, thereby, achieve higher illumination. The three lamp type fibre connection can be used as a "light mixer" when different colour high-powered spot LEDs are connected. The fibre connectors are multi-adapter units compatible with all standard Moritex light guides.

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