360nm UV LEDs now available from Fox Group

Aug. 9, 2005
Date Announced: 09 Aug 2005 The Fox Group, Inc. now offers UV LEDs, in both die and packaged-lamp forms.The FoxUV™ product line features LEDs with a typical peak wavelength of 361-362nm (at 20mA) with a FWHM spectral width of 10nm. As with Fox Group’s FoxBlue™ LEDs, the wavelength of these new UV LEDs is extremely consistent: typically +/- 1nm and is very stable with changes in forward current. This exceptional consistency and stability is due to the exclusive, proprietary, patented FoxHVPE™ epitaxy process that incorporates high uniformity and repeatability control.These new UV LEDs afford an output power of greater than 0.4mW at 20mA at a forward voltage of 4V, and are available in any standard or custom-package LED format: 5mm, 3mm, SMD, and metal + glass can. In traditional through-hole packages, these 360nm UV LEDs have a robust, highly degradation-resistant epoxy lens.Applications for FoxUV™ LEDs include:• Industrial curing: inks, adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants• Fluorescence “disclosing” such as forensic investigations, leak detection with custom dyes, currency verification; specialized inspection lamps• Air purification, especially photocatalytic reaction systems• Medical and biomedical applications; spectro-fluorometry• Dermatological equipment, e.g. portable psoriasis treatment• Hobby and sporting uses: fishing lures, scorpion collecting, invisible ink writing• Custom-color LEDs using 360nm die + selected phosphors• Countless potential applications, e.g. human genome analysis, SIDS prevention, cancer treatment, and othersUV LEDs present a risk of eye damage because most of their radiation emission is invisible (below ~ 380nm). Therefore users should take appropriate precautions, especially for applications by or near persons who would not be aware of the potential danger, and most especially for use by or near children and pets. Fox Group’s UV LEDs undergo continuous development and improvement, with a near-term performance target of >1 mW in output power.

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