BINAY Multichip Nightvision LED Streetlight maximizes emission for scotopic vision at nighttime

Aug. 2, 2005
Date Announced: 02 Aug 2005 BINAY LED-based streetlights utilize the latest cutting-edge developments in Light Emitting Diode technology to offer the following benefits:• Low power consumption (thus making them ideal for use in solar-powered applications)• Long life, which ensures zero maintenance costs• Adequate light output, comparable to CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) based luminaires• High conversion efficiency (up to 95%), as compared to around 50% for CFL-based luminaires• NO infra-red or ultra-violet radiation• Environment-friendly operation (as they contain no mercury or heavy metals, as in fluorescent lights)Currently, three models of LED streetlights have been developed:1) BINAY 24W LED Streetlight Luminaire: This uses high reliability power LEDs, which provide excellent brightness and focus. Light output has been measured to be 15 lux (from a height of 7 meters).2) BINAY 18W LED Streetlight Luminaire: This has a light output of 8 lux from a height of 7 meters.3) BINAY Multichip Nightvision Warm White LED Streetlight Luminaire: This is the latest technology in street lighting. Recent studies and research on the human eye and visual perception have shown that at nighttime (scotopic vision), the human eye's peak sensitivity shifts towards the blue range of the electromagnetic spectrum, peaking at 507nm (as against the normal peak sensitivity of 555nm during daytime). The sensitivity rises to as much as 300% at 507nm during scotopic vision.This model has been developed to take advantage of this phenomenon, and uses a designed mixture of monochromatic LED chips of different colours to maximize light power output in the 507nm wavelength range. Furthermore, as the human eye needs red colour for better readability (illumination for reading), red emission is also added. This mixing has been done at the LED chip level, so that the light emitted from the luminaire is an evenly mixed warm white colour.This design offers the highest efficiency, as all the input power is focused on producing light energy at the wavelengths at which the human eye is most sensitive. It is thus the most effective light for night illumination in street lighting.

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