Binay's Omnivolt series LED module pilot lights operate at 24-240 V

Aug. 1, 2005
Date Announced: 01 Aug 2005 BINAY’s Omnivolt (Wideband) Series of Integral LED Module provides a universal single-point wideband (24VAC/DC – 240VAC/DC) solution for LED pilot light indication in electrical control panelsThe BINAY Omnivolt Series range of LED Modules is backed by the BINAY reputation for quality, innovation, and reliability, and provides a universal indication solution for various electrical control and indicator applications.BINAY Omnivolt Series LED Modules offer the following special features:1. Wideband operation at any voltage from 24VAC/DC to 240VAC/DC2. Light Intensity and current rating remain constant over the entire range as above3. The same LED Module can be operated on either AC or DC4. Inbuilt-Low Voltage Glow Protection (LVGP) for preventing false ghost indications due to induced leakage voltages in power lines5. Compact design6. A long life of 1,00,000 hours (11 years, calculated on a continuous burning basis)7. Low current consumption8. Solid-state reliability9. Shock-proof, vibration-resistant construction10. High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)As a result of its flexible operating parameters, the Omnivolt Series provides a single-point universal LED-based solution for pilot light indication in electrical control panels, with the following user benefits:● Reduced inventory and stocking costs (universal voltage operation – same LED Module operates at any voltage over a wide range)● Simpler ordering specifications● Decreased procurement overheads● Provides a simplified design approachBINAY Omnivolt Series LED Modules are available for use in industry-standard 22.5mm, 25.5mm, and 30.5mm diameter panel cutout sizes, and in all colours (red, green, blue, yellow, amber, orange, pure white, blue-green, pure-green, and violet/purple).All Omnivolt Series LED Modules utilise standard industrial grade LED chips and associated internal components, and are burnt-in (aged) for 12 hours after production quality tests.

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