New LED Six Sheet Billboard

Aug. 13, 2005
Date Announced: 13 Aug 2005 Now available from Digital Display Systems, a new medium-sized LED Billboard for roadside or retail advertising. This new product will at last allow billboard site owners to install a digital version and get a quick return on their investment.This is a genuine attempt to make digital advertising a reality rather than a dream. During the past decade the myth as been that digital screen adverting will replace print! It will one day but not to day! However perhaps this is the first step to the digital revolution.The Billboard comes in two versions: indoor, and outdoor (with wall or pedestal mountings.)The indoor version is 1728mm (H) by 1152mm (W)With a brightness of 1500 candela (nits).The outdoor version has a viewing area of 1800mm(H) by 1200mm (W)With a 12mm pitch and has a brightness of 6,500 candela (nits)Both versions are capable of playing video, animation or as many still images as you require. Advertisements can be updated via an inbuilt GPRS modem. With this facility, comes the fastest way of reaching the desired market. Full specifications, a video and photos can be found at The expected retail price for one unit will be £15,750 (US$27,900 or Euro€22,900) this includes the case and GPRS Modem.

For more information or to make an appointment to view a system please either email [email protected] or call Alistair Roberton on +44 7771 633589.

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