Coemar introduces RIGA LED bar

March 11, 2005
Date Announced: 11 Mar 2005 Riga LED is Coemar’s latest and most advanced project: an efficient and reliable solution for stage lighting (film sets, TV studios, theatres) and architectural applications (included teaching hospitals and in the most exclusive fitness centres, where chromotherapy is used). The glazed aluminium led bar houses a powerful light source (300 led per metre, 100 for each colour) with almost unlimited durability.In the asymmetrical version, Riga Led is able, from a distance of only 2.5 metres, to provide large-scale stages and backdrops with light of outstanding quality and an infinite variety of colours, including white, with colour temperature correction, thanks to the variable intensity of the RGB component. Available in two lengths (0.5m and 1m) and with symmetrical (projection angle 74°), or asymmetrical (96°: 56°+40°) parabola, Riga LED provides the full advantages of best developed led technology: lower power consumption, virtually no heat generation, infinite life-span and no maintenance.

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