Lumileds Luxeon III reaches 190 lumens for red-orange

March 31, 2005
Date Announced: 31 Mar 2005 Lumileds Lighting today announced a quantum leap in LED technology with new red, red-orange and amber LEDs that pump out record-breaking typical lumens per package of 110 for Amber, 140 for Red and 190 for Red-Orange, tripling the industry benchmark previously set by the company’s Luxeon family of solid-state light sources and quadrupling the performance of other LEDs.Available immediately, the new Luxeon III emitters reduce the cost of semiconductor-based lighting per lumen, and simultaneously save space, by reducing the number of emitters required to produce a given light output. They also pave the way for development of new LED-based products requiring brighter illumination and/or simpler lighting system design in red and related colours. Applications range from rear automotive lighting to aviation, manufacturing and architainment.As with all other Luxeon products, these new colours of Luxeon III offer industry-leading lumen maintenance with the ability to retain 50% lumen maintenance at 20,000 hours of operation at a 1400 mA forward current.In the automotive market, the new Luxeon III Emitters will enable a single LED to power stop lamps, rear combination lamps and rear fog lamps. This will significantly lower lighting system costs by allowing simpler optic design, less expensive packaging, and a modular implementation system across models and brands. It will also reduce space requirements and provide new styling options ranging from uniform illuminance to spoke and swirl designs.The red, red-orange and amber Luxeon III Emitters will also be useful for power signaling for traffic, airfield and marine navigation systems; strobe and warning lights for municipal and construction vehicles; marker lights for aircraft exteriors; architectural lighting, particularly in pools and spas; and machine vision systems used for quality assurance in manufacturing.“Our new Luxeon III products mark another milestone in ongoing technology improvements that are making LEDs the emerging light source of choice for a wide variety of products,” said Jason Posselt, Director of Product Marketing for Lumileds Lighting. “We have had the brightest power AlInGaP LEDs on the market ever since we introduced our Luxeon line and we have now exceeded our own benchmarks by a factor of three, broadening our lead over other suppliers as well as expanding the applications for LED lighting across multiple vertical markets.”The new red, red-orange and amber Luxeon III emitters are available in both Lambertian and side-emitting configurations from Lumileds Future Electronics ( Luxeon III Emitters are also available in white, green, cyan, blue and royal blue.

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