BivarOpto introduces right angle SMD LED indicator

March 8, 2005
Date Announced: 08 Mar 2005 BivarOpto™, the Optoelectronics Division of Bivar, Inc., introduces a new Right Angle SMT LED indicator capable of replacing traditional PCB through-hole LED assembly displays, or other status indicator products where PCB real-estate is at a premium or a switchover to surface mount processes is desirable. The new unit, only 2.4 x 3.2mm in size, features InGaN performance characteristics, and is packaged with a lens centerline 1.4mm from PCB surfaces for optimal light emission. Ideal applications for use are front and rear fault or status indicators in mobile and handheld devices, test equipment, telecommunications, industrial controls, computer peripherals, machine tools, medical diagnostic equipment and a wide variety of other uses. The SRM-32 Right Angle LED is manufactured in compliance with WEEE and RoHS PB Free materials and process specifications to meet the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility.. Designed for versatile color programmability, the SRM-32 can be supplied with single, bi color or tri-color operation with either a single or dual chip internal PCB. Lens appearance when off is water clear. Peak wavelengths are from 470 to 660 nm, providing full spectrum availability. Axial intensity is from 140 to 160mcd @ 20mA. Forward voltage and current is rated at 4.0Vf @ 20mA. Units are encapsulated in a special epoxy blend to assure compatibility with higher process and operating temperatures, The devices are also compatible with all surface mount device (SMD) assembly processes and automated insertion equipment.“After extensive market research we determined that there was demand for a true surface mount right angle LED that more closely resembles the traditional through-hole LED assembly. The SMR-32 offers a direct replacement for standard through-hole LED assemblies while offering additional benefits of lower cost and standards compliance.” stated Anthony Vilgiate, Bivar’s Vice President of Marketing. “This is not just another expansion of our present SMT LED line, but rather a legitimate surface mount indicator designed to provide an alternative to the existing families of through-hole status indicators currently available.” The SMR-32 Right Angle LED Indicator is priced from $ 0.181 each in production quantities, immediately available from stock. Other color combinations are available by special order (consult factory).

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