Solais introduces ST2Arm downlight

May 20, 2022
The Stretta ST2Arm offers a 1-3/8” aperture with a variety of installation options, trims, finishes, and lumens.

Solais Lighting Group announces the release of the Stretta ST2Arm, the newest member of the Stretta family of architectural recessed LED downlights. This specification-grade, small-aperture 2” downlight delivers the quality and versatility in lighting design options perfect for retail, restaurant and hospitality, residential and more.

With advanced engineering and next generation LED technology, the Stretta ST2Arm is a premium fixture for any budget. Clients no longer need to settle and choose between quality, function and cost – the ST2Arm hits the trifecta, offering high output from a small aperture in an energy efficient fixture with a premium design.

The Stretta ST2Arm offers a 1-⅜” aperture with a variety of installation options, trims, finishes, and lumens. At just a 4-½” IC remodel and new construction installation height and a 5” housing height for applications needing spray foam, airtight or Chicago plenum, the ST2Arm is perfect for tight fitting spaces. Trim varieties include round or square, flanged or flangeless, with a variety of beam spreads for down, adjustable, flat pinhole, or wall wash trims, in white, black, or brown finishes. Two set points for vertical adjustability, 40° tilt, and 360° rotation allow lighting designers to make the most of their space visualization. Low power, high-quality, high-performance output includes a 95 CRI standard or a 98+ CRI option, with 8W/700 lumens or 10W/900 lumens, and smooth, flicker-free dimming to 1%, and an optional emergency backup. The Stretta ST2Arm is UL certified for dry and damp, or wet with lensed trim, is IC rated, title 24, JA8, and JA10 compliant, and meets the Washington state energy code.

“We’re excited to bring the Stretta ST2ARM to market, because it delivers the best small aperture, architectural LED lighting value on the market at a price every specifier can work with. With in-house engineering that is second to none, we utilize the latest in LED technologies and custom optics to provide the lighting versatility our clients demand. The Stretta ST2ARM delivers the best combination of execution, efficiency and elegance for our customers with NO COMPROMISE,” says Sam Newberry, CEO of Solais Lighting Group.

About Solais Lighting Group | Solais + EnergyLite

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) is a fast-growing, technologically relevant, market-driven manufacturer. SLG pushes the innovation envelope to create LED products that replace traditional lighting technologies, with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance.

Nimble and diligent, with best-in-class engineering, SLG has grown its product families in line with market demands to include high-quality, spec-grade interior and exterior products – to include downlights, multiples, cylinders, and track and specialty fixtures, as well as site, flood, roadway and security fixtures.

SLG’s products provide quality lighting for its commercial, retail, hospitality, supermarket, museum and utility clients, which include the world’s leading brands.

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