Eco-Center supplied with Seoul Semiconductor's SunLike lighting wins iF DESIGN AWARDS

June 1, 2022
SunLike technology helps to support comfortable environment for light-sensitive amphibians at German vivarium.

ANSAN, South Korea--Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a global optical semiconductor company, announced that an eco-center supplied with SunLike Lighting, a natural light lighting technology, won the main prize in the product category of the iF DESIGN AWARDS 2022.

The iF DESIGN AWARDS, which began in 1953 under the auspices of the German International Forum, is considered one of the world's top three design awards along with the IDEA Design Awards of the United States and the Red Dot Design Awards of Germany. Each year, across nine categories of products, packages, and interiors, award-winning works that have passed strict screening standards such as ideas, differentiation, and influence are selected.

The award-winning eco-center is the biOrb EARTH Vivarium of OASE GmbH, Germany. Vivarium refers to an eco-center that creates the optimal environmental conditions for a particular creature to live in for the purpose of observation or research. The award-winning vivarium was highly praised for creating a perfect ecosystem of sunlight, soil, water, and moisture suitable for amphibians and wetland flora and fauna, and was selected as the winner of the main prize in the product category on that account.

Seoul Semiconductor supplied the SunLike technology that realizes natural light to this eco-center. SunLike is a differentiated lighting technology that lowers blue wavelengths that cause glare and insomnia to the same level as natural light, so it is not only visually comfortable but also helps stabilize the circadian rhythm of humans and even those of plants and animals as well.

Amphibians are very sensitive to light. They can lose their sight or have a higher chance of causing mutations in artificial lighting, so the choice of lighting is more important than anything else when building an eco-center, said Lee Seong-jin, head of lighting business at Seoul Semiconductor. "We are very pleased that OASE Vivarium, which is supplied with SunLike lighting, won the award for its technology and differentiation."

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