Carclo Optics releases Samsung UV-C results with Archimedes reflectors

June 8, 2022
Polycarbonate with added aluminium coating protects components from degradation in UV systems/


  • SAMSUNG UV 351 A
  • SAMSUNG UV 352 B
  • SAMSUNG UV 353 B

UV in high levels of exposure (from a UV source - LED) can be very destructive to typical optical thermoplastics (PMMA & Polycarbonate).

Normal Ambient UV levels, such as those found in daylight, are not sufficiently high to cause damage to Carclo’s UV stabilised PC or PMMA. Exposure to higher levels produced by UV LEDs requires more expensive glass or silicone optics.

Made from polycarbonate, the Archimedes has a reflective aluminium coating that serves as a barrier protecting it from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Carclo’s Archimedes Reflectors have been tested with UV-C LEDs up to 70mW.

In summary, the Archimedes reflectors offer a low cost UV-C solution with high efficiency making them a great choice for your project.


UV-A : 315 - 400 Nanometers

Applications: Skin Treatments, Ink and Paint Curing

UV-B : 280 - 315 Nanometers

Applications: Reptile Vivarium Lighting, Adhesive Curing

UV-C : 100 - 280 Nanometers

Applications: Water, Air & Surface Disinfection


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