WILA expands portfolio with launch of SlimLED

April 15, 2022
Miniature, flexible LED striplighting offers side- and top-emitting options with IP67 protection.

[UK: April 2022] Innovative lighting specialist, WILA Lighting, has further expanded its product range for 2022 with the launch of the SlimLED flexible LED profile.

The SlimLED range is a family of miniature flexible LED profiles that offer superior detail and accent lighting, with suitability for a plethora of projects and settings.

The SlimLED is available in two light emitting options for maximum choice. SIDE where light emits from around the edge of the fixture, making it the perfect solution for bending around pillars or circular shapes. This flexibility makes the SlimLED SIDE suitable for even the most complex of applications.

The second light emitting option is TOP.  Top emitting light solution is perfect for superior detailing and accent lighting for architectural features. The SlimLED’s silicone jacket offers additional protection, whilst the IP67 rating guarantees the range can withstand even the most arduous of conditions. Longevity is ensured  with 50,000h L80 / B10.

SlimLED can be cut at 50mm intervals, which gives a great deal of flexibility over the required length. SlimLED offers the option of positioning the driver in the middle of the length and running the flexible luminaire 5 metres in both directions from this middle point. This offers an impressive run allowing a great deal of control over how and where SlimLED can be installed.

Control options for the SlimLED range include fixed output, DALI dimmable or Casambi Bluetooth wireless, putting controllability at the heart of any system that uses the luminaire.

Full control is offered over installation, with the ability to fit with or without profiles. There are two very secure ways of fixing the luminaires, with clips or aluminium profiles, which are design-led with great aesthetics.

With a colour rendering index CRI80 and a range of colour temperatures available – 2700K, 3000K and 4000K – the light quality of the SlimLED luminaires far outweighs other solutions on the market, with the ability to meet the needs of each individual project.

With beautiful aesthetics and an architecturally-led degn, the SlimLED fixtures form part of a project – there isno need to hide them away. The flexibility allows curves of light to be created; from columns and pillars to halo shapes, the possibilities are endless with the SlimLED range from WILA Lighting.

About WILA Lighting

WILA Lighting brings together innovative and highly engineered lighting solutions, flexible manufacturing, and an unrivalled commitment to customer-service. WILA work in partnership with clients, design teams and end-users and draw upon our extensive expertise to fulfil project design specifications. With a vast, cutting-edge, product portfolio, WILA can tailor their offering to meet the unique needs of every project, including customised or bespoke production if required. 




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