Maximize your energy savings with the new Silvair energy monitoring service!

May 18, 2022
DLC Networked Lighting Controls v5 compliant software delivers energy insights for control systems optimization.

Silvair a wireless lighting control technology provider  has released a new connected lighting service that allows users to monitor and evaluate how much energy their lighting system uses.

This expanded service, available via the Silvair web application, helps reduce energy waste and lower the carbon footprint of the lighting installation.

The Silvair Energy Monitoring service allows visualization of energy use data (per zone and per area) and downloads data as 15-minute aggregates (per device) for a calendar month. The fine-grained energy data allows users to identify excessive energy consumption across the building, reduce the building’s peak energy demand, and take advantage of peak-time rebates. The service is also compliant with the DLC NLC5 requirements and supports other lighting standards.

A new accompanying feature energy savings extends the energy monitoring service. It allows the monitored energy use from the upgraded installation to be compared to a pre-upgrade baseline and annual energy cost savings for the project to be calculated.

“Our users can now optimize energy use and easily identify which lighting control strategies work best. Using our dashboards, they can also see the projected average monthly and annual use and savings, which will enable them to make better decisions for the future,” said Rafal Han, CEO at Silvair.

According to Enterprise IoT Insights, a 70-75% reduction in energy costs can be achieved through connected lighting and advanced lighting controls. Silvair simplifies lighting control, radically accelerating the implementation of highly efficient sensor-driven strategies. Using lighting components from our partners, you can deploy advanced lighting control in your building more efficiently. 




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