Bridgelux launches F90 COB products offering market leading efficacy with CRI90

April 27, 2022

Bridgelux (, the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative LED solutions, is announcing the launch of F90 COBs.  Providing a combination of market leading efficacy and color fidelity of over 90, F90 COBs are an ideal solution for all commercial and residential downlight applications.  Under Potassium Fluorosilicate (PFS) phosphor technology licensed from Current Lighting Solutions, LLC for use in commercial lighting applications and GE Lighting, a Savant Company for use in residential lighting applications, F90 COBs joins Bridgelux previously launched F90 SMD and F90 Filament product offerings.

F90 COBs are available in a wide range of Light-Emitting Surfaces (LES) from 8mm to 22mm in diameter with efficacy ranging up to 190 lumens/watt.  This represents a 20% improvement from the previous generation Gen8 CRI 90 COBS and 5% improvement on Gen8 CRI 80.  The breakthrough performance represents the highest efficacy for COBs on the market.  Particularly robust, case temperatures for F90 COBS can be allowed as high as 95⁰C for normal drive current (listed in the chart below) and 85⁰C for maximum drive currents (2X). Given the in-situ temperatures of typical ICAT-rated recessed celing can type products, this makes the F90 COB an ideal engine.

“We have seen how transformative our other F90 product offerings have been, so we are very excited to offer the F90 COBs in such a wide range of configurations,” says Dr. Yi-Qun Li, CEO of Bridgelux. “Whether you are a designer, a product developer or a residential user, F90 COBs are an ideal tool.”   For more information, please visit or email [email protected].




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