BrightView Technologies introduces 2D BrightWing™ diffusers for Advanced Flat-Field Illumination

March 15, 2022
New 2D batwing distribution profiles offer efficient, uniform illumination for floor or work (flat-field) surfaces.

Research Triangle Park, NC – March 2022 – BrightView Technologies, a leading global supplier of Visual Intelligence™ solutions, has announced the launch of its new 2D BrightWing™ diffusers which provide an efficient “batwing” distribution to help luminaires achieve a flatfield beam profile without a central hot spot. This new product builds on BrightView’s industry leading family of linear batwing diffusers.

“Our 2D BrightWing solution enables batwing beam shaping in all azimuthal directions, creating illumination at a greater fixture spacing than their Lambertian counterparts. With 2D batwing spacing ratios of 1.2-to-1.5, designers will use fewer fixtures while saving money and energy,” said Kevin Green, Global Commercial Director at BrightView Technologies. “Combined with the expertise of BrightView’s engineering team, the new solution serves as a valuable resource for customers in various environments to optimize their lighting designs.”

Since different light sources will produce different distributions, BrightView’s experienced applications engineers are accessible to help customers with their particular designs. BrightView’s BrightWing diffusers are useful in downlights, lamps, office lighting, and other applications. 

BrightView will be attending the LEDucation 2022 event in New York on March 15 and 16 to discuss the benefits of new BrightWing diffusers and other solutions the company offers. For questions or to set up a media briefing at LEDucation 2022, please contact Ryan Boger at Largemouth Communications, (919) 459-6454, [email protected].

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