Lumos Controls LED retrofit troffer kit simplifies smart lighting

March 16, 2022
Integrated controls help reduce time to install by more than 50%, enabling building owners to set up code-compliant connected lighting networks more easily.

Laguna Hills, California - March 2022: Lighting upgrades are often complicated. Lumos Controls LED Retrofit Troffer Kit is designed to simplify the process. The troffer can be installed within minutes and is designed as a gateway to the world of connected lighting.

Smart lighting upgrades involve the time-consuming task of combining light source, driver, and controllers onto a single fixture. But, Lumos Controls (LC) LED Retrofit Troffer Kit comes with integrated controls which helps electrical contractors/installers to cut down installation time by more than 50%.

For building owners, lesser installation time translates to savings, even before the fixture starts functioning. They can easily set up a code-compliant smart lighting network and qualify for rebates to maximize savings.

“Our Retrofit Troffer Kit can deliver basic dimming to Human Centric Lighting in a matter of minutes, thanks to our easy-to-configure lighting app,” said Vivek Pramod Senior Vice President & GM – Smart Controls, WiSilica. “Along with massive energy savings, the fixture working in tandem with our smart ecosystem gives customers actionable data to optimize their building performance. It helps them seamlessly merge their lighting network into a complete green building solution, " he added.

LC Retrofit Troffer Kit is a part of Lumos Controls Ecosystem that includes controllers, sensors, switches, gateways, lighting control app, reports and analytics suite. The fixture is designed to deliver benefits beyond lighting, thanks to Lumos Controls Ecosystem. Customers can easily unlock functionalities like sensor-based adaptive lighting, remote monitoring & control and analytical reports to maximise returns on lighting investments.

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Lumos Controls is a smart controls solution from WiSilica, the leading IoT platform and solutions provider. Built on an IoT platform (ARIXA), this solution features the most advanced lighting control devices, intuitive interfaces, and versatile edge/cloud computing that are brought together to build an intelligent lighting network that’s future-ready for smart enterprises. Lumos Controls is on a mission to unlock the extraordinary potential of light and give lighting controls a life of its own and beyond.


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