GVA Lighting celebrates 25 years of success

March 22, 2022
GVA Lighting specializes in design and manufacturing of specification grade architectural lighting systems for an exterior and interior illumination.

This month (March 2022) marks 25 successful years in business for Canadian lighting manufacturer GVA Lighting. Since its inception in 1997 when it was founded by Vladimir Grigorik, the company became a pioneer and a leader in LED lighting technologies, has grown steadily and GVA brand has become a synonymous across the globe with innovation and quality.

GVA Lighting specializes in design and manufacturing of specification grade architectural lighting systems for an exterior and interior illumination. GVA is a vertically integrated company, all design and manufacturing activities of LED light engines, light fixtures, controls, drivers and power supplies are conducted in Oakville, Ontario. The company has subsidiaries in the UK and in the USA.

Engineering excellence, best lighting performance, high reliability, ease of installation, energy efficiency and ergonomics are the main aspects of GVA products.

GVA is now among the top innovative lighting companies in the world, building its reputation through offering unique and effective engineering solutions for challenging lighting applications, especially for large infrastructure projects, such as skyscrapers, bridges, airports, shopping malls. Usually these objects are milestone, iconic, “one of” architectural structures and lighting plays a vital role in an aesthetic appeal of these unique buildings, helping them to stand out from the surrounded architecture.

GVA's Infinity® technology allows extremely long lighting circuits (up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet), when Color-Stream™ technology guarantees incredible speed and resolution of controllability. GVA’s Color-Amp® technology allows 2 to 3-time increase of light output in specific colors in color-changing luminaires.

Due to unique engineering solutions offered by GVA Lighting, lighting designers and architects specify GVA’s products for their top and most ambitious projects, both in North America and globally. These include Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto, Putney Bridge in London, WMATA Metro Stations in Washington DC, Fountainview Towers in Dubai, and Tana Bru Bridge in Norway.

Vladimir Grigorik, Founder, Chairman, President and CTO at GVA Lighting said: “I’m incredibly proud of GVA Lighting and everything we have achieved as a business, but mostly for an assembly under one roof an amazing team of fantastic people: kind, passionate and committed great citizens of the World yet high calibre professionals.

The next 25 years will no doubt be just as exciting and our vision “Creating New Beauty for our Home Planet™” will stay unchanged”.

As GVA Lighting has grown, its commitment to the environment and contribution to the health of the planet has been unwavering. This is achieved by offering products and technologies that save energy and natural resources.

For more information on GVA Lighting, visit www.gvalighting.com


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