Yellowblue LED lighting receives top incentive award from Alliant Energy

March 7, 2022
Commercial LED lighting company helps people save over 1.5 million kWh in 2021.

Pleasant Hill, Iowa. March 7, 2022– Yellowblue LED, the commercial LED lighting company of Eco Technologies International at, just received the Alliant Energy Small Business Energy Solutions Award for providing the most incentives in 2021.

A public utility holding company at, Alliant Energy offers rebates for LED lighting usage to help small businesses save money and energy. Separate from their standard "Prescriptive" Rebate Program, the Alliant Energy Small Business Energy Solutions Program is exclusively for small businesses with an Alliant Energy business electric account that have a facility no larger than 50,000 square feet and an annual electric bill that does not exceed a total of $100,000.

Incentives are:

• Based upon watts reduced;

• Typically, much higher than that of their Prescriptive Rebates; and

• Paid directly to the "Approved Contractor" so the money comes directly off the purchase price, and the business owner doesn't need to wait weeks for a rebate check to come in the mail.

Each contractor that applies to participate in the Small Business Energy Solutions is thoroughly vetted by Alliant Energy and must meet strict standards of business practices before they are considered to be an approved contractor.

Out of 60 companies and over 100 users, Yellowblue LED processed 65 non-residential rebates totaling $195,501.00 and saved 1,494,990.32 kilowatts per hour in 2021.

“Based on your 2021 performance, it’s clear you are a program expert who knows how to leverage the program’s benefits to serve your customers and support your business,” states the Alliant Energy Yellowblue LED 2021 Energy Performance Summary. “You are amongst a select few – keep up the amazing work!”

Yellowblue LED is now a Platinum Level Dealer because they processed over 10 rebate applications and saved over 100K kWh in 2021.

Alliant Energy Dealers must reach two of three performance criteria relative to the number of processed rebate applications and the electric or gas savings they help claim for their non-residential customers to achieve a certain level from Green to Platinum. This provides an idea of a dealer’s experience with energy-saving projects.

“It’s fantastic to see that all of our hard work, quality products and high service levels have helped our customers reduce their carbon footprint, save thousands of dollars in energy costs and reap all of the benefits LED lighting has to offer,” states Bill Driscoll, Yellowblue LED Vice President. “We are now driven to provide even better results and grow our team significantly in 2022 to do so.”

To schedule a free energy assessment and learn about LED lighting career opportunities, visit or call 515-494-4700.

About Yellowblue LED

As part of Eco Technologies International since 2011, Yellowblue LED is a leader in the commercial lighting industry, helping thousands of small to medium-sized businesses find the perfect LED lighting to increase productivity and greatly reduce utility costs. Yellowblue LED currently has regional offices in metro Milwaukee, WI, Des Moines, IA and Dallas, TX, serving the entire Midwest and more through a network of Independent Agents and Representatives. Through their proprietary software and systems, they make sales simple and provide cost-effective, beautiful lighting solutions for customers.


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