MetroSpec Technology announces another FlexRad innovation

March 7, 2022
BoardOnCoil was developed to add directional light options for cylinders, pendants, sconces, and a variety of fixed and hanging fixtures.

ST. PAUL, MN, March 7, 2022 - MetroSpec Technology, the leading American manufacturer of custom LED light sources, announces a new addition to its FlexRad LED technology family. The BOC (BoardOnCoil) LED module is a perfect companion to the FacetCore radial lighting system. BoardOnCoil was developed to add directional light options for cylinders, pendants, sconces, and a wide variety of fixed and hanging fixtures. When used as an downlight, BOC fits well into a pendant because of its incredibly small size and weight and ability to be directed in a beam as tight as 10 degrees. Because of its novel open center coiled fin design, BOC allows air to pass freely through the center of a fixture, enabling ample cooling without any type of external protrusion from the fixture.

Todd Crandell, CEO of MetroSpec Technology discusses the advantages of the BoardOnCoil: "MetroSpec continues to invent new light sources that enable light fixture manufacturers to efficiently build light fixture forms simply, and with less materials, cost and labor. BoardOnCoil is an excellent example. It goes in a different direction than conventional COB designs. It is flat, very light, and powerful - perfect for mounting in cylinders, pendants, and sconces without making tradeoffs in size, appearance and structure."

The novel BoardOnCoil light source is patent pending; supported by a long list of current MetroSpec patents. Customers have started to receive samples and full production is expected by mid-year. As with all MetroSpec products, BoardOnCoil can be customized to perfectly fit the required needs.

Informational sheets and videos for FlexRad® products can be found on their website: For more information on FlexRad, please email: [email protected].

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MetroSpec Technology is an LED light source design and manufacturing company specializing in custom flexible, high quality, high intensity lighting solutions tailored for light fixture manufacturers producing high-end commercial, architectural, and hybrid lighting systems. MetroSpec offers quick development for all of their patented FlexRad LED light engines made exactly to custom specifications. FlexRad designs are innovative, field proven and customizable to any shape and size with optional wires, connectors, or PMount™ press-in-place fasteners.

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