Zumtobel sponsors the Luna Pro Project

Jan. 28, 2022
The lighting manufacturer joins an international team of lighting specialists to help promote the revolutionary project.

Zumtobel is delighted to announce that it is sponsoring the Luna Pro Project. The lighting manufacturer joins an international team of lighting specialists to help promote the revolutionary project, spearheaded by Founder and Managing Director of Age of Light Innovations, Dr Shelley James.

Dr Shelley is an advocate for educating on healthy lighting for people, profit, and the environment. The original LunaTM social media campaign was a huge success and raised awareness of the impact of light on health and wellbeing. It has reached over 2.5 million teenagers around the world to-date. The Luna Pro TM project now makes the business case for healthy lighting, bringing together key industry players from manufacturers and industry bodies to academics.

The project has been running for eight months so far, covering four key sectors (healthcare, education, residential, and workplace). Momentum is increasing with sixteen interviews conducted and eight events and webinars held within and beyond the lighting sector.

Today's results include four sector videos, four solution videos on critical research areas: headaches, memory, mood, alertness, and one academic paper with the Royal College of Optometrists - the impact of lighting on myopia, currently awaiting publication.

There have already been 10,000 engagements shared on LinkedIn.

The campaign has welcomed an outstanding level of support from organisations such as Great Ormond Street and Arup.

Dr. Shelley James comments “It's a privilege to work with Zumtobel to build bridges beyond the lighting sector and engage with end-users on their terms. Together, we are raising awareness of the potential of lighting to build a healthier, more sustainable and productive world”.

Matthew Boucher Managing Director at Zumtobel Group UK & Ireland comments, “We are finally starting to think about light in a new way and recognising the benefits it can have on performance and wellbeing. Dr Shelley’s work aligns with our belief that the right light at the right time can be hugely beneficial, not just in terms of true colour representation but for all our health, wellbeing, and development. In terms of life span, the Luna project is still in its infancy, but we can already see the value and speed with which it is being adopted. We are looking forward to collaborating and working with Dr. Shelley and seeing where this journey ends and the far-reaching effects that can be made possible.”

For more information on the Luna Pro project please visit the website: ageoflightinnovations.com/luna-golightly

For more information on Zumtobel please visit the website z.lighting/en/zumtobel/

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