Lodes launches Volum in collaboration with Snøhetta

Feb. 16, 2022
Modular LED pendant collection blends style of traditional glassblowing with modern, scalable luminaires delivering diffuse, 360-degree illumination.

(Venice, Italy – February, 2022) Known for its contemporary, innovative designs, Italian lighting specialist Lodes is proud to announce its first collaboration with international architecture and design studio, Snøhetta. The partnership sees the launch of Volum, an exclusive new modular pendant collection that pays homage to the Italian tradition of globe-shaped glass lamps—in particular, the glassblowing process that morphs glass into naturally imperfect shapes—while boasting modern architectural sensibilities injected by the Oslo-based designers. Snøhetta was inspired by the architectural need for a contextually adaptable and scalable pendant light solution. Designed to fill a space with an uninterrupted, 360-degree illumination, Volum casts a uniform glow in all directions providing a calming and coherent radiance. The four globes measure 5.5”, 8.66”, 11.4” and 16.5” (diameter), and despite their different sizes, they complement each other intuitively and harmoniously.

Seamless and understated, each Volum globe’s diffuser and frame appear as a single form – from which the cable is the only hanging element. To achieve this clean, streamlined look, the upper part of the glass has been skilfully cut—at 45 degrees—so that it can be closed with a translucent methacrylate lid that seals the lamp. The lid conceals a metal part attached to the diffuser and the frame that houses the light source so that the only exposed element on the outside is a small opening where the cable slides through and helps balance the globe.

Volum’s glossy white finish is bold yet traditional, offering a decorative touch thanks to the reflections on its surface. With a single transparent hanging power cable, the three smaller sizes can be hung individually, as well as in a cluster on a canopy to make unique compositions. With its re-interpretation of a lighting archetype, Volum represents another step in Lodes' ongoing exploration of the relationship between lighting, space, and the ways in which the individual interacts with these elements.

Marius Myking, Director of Product Design at Snøhetta comments: "We often talk about the notion of prepositions – the relationship between objects and people in a space. Applying this way of thinking, viewing something as above, below or next to something else, to a light source, it needs to be as functional and beautiful from all prepositions in space. The Volum series solves this in its technical solution while celebrating the craft of glassmaking."

About Lodes:

Balancing technical know-how and the best Made in Italy design, Venice-based Lodes has been designing and producing lighting solutions for interiors and exteriors since 1950. Originating in founder Angelo Tosetto's passion for glass and informed by continuous technological research, the company has evolved into one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting, currently present in 90 markets worldwide.

Today, Lodes represents a three-generation evolution from pure passion to brilliant architectural solutions, creating light sources that fuse contemporary design and innovative technology with materials of the highest quality, scrupulously developed with the best processing techniques. As Studio Italia Design, the firm has been selected as one of the most dynamic Italian companies according to the survey “Campioni della crescita 2020”, as well as in 2021, published in La Repubblica’s “Affari & Finanza”.

About Snøhetta:

Snøhetta (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈsnøːˌhɛtɑ]) has grown to become one of the most internationally renowned Architecture & Design practices globally, with more than 300 employees from 33 different nations and studios around the globe. The practice began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop in 1989 and has remained true to its multi-disciplinary way of thinking until this day. We strive to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit – whether human-made or naturally created through the course of time. Museums, product developments, reindeer observatories, visual universes and virtual landscapes all get the same care and attention.

Since then, Snøhetta has introduced specialised graphic, digital and product design disciplines to enhance our capabilities and reach. These disciplines act at the forefront of sustainable and social innovation. By leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience at Snøhetta, strategic design connects industry, technology, markets and brands with future opportunities and targets.

Even with a primarily international approach and staff, Snøhetta has maintained a strong and unified culture that is well rooted within the Nordic model, where equality, openness, generosity, and sustainability are translated into real projects.




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