DLC unveils new portal for applications to its Solid-State Lighting and Horticultural Lighting Qualified Products Lists

Jan. 31, 2022
Improved application portal offers application submitters a streamlined, simplified process. No changes have been made to the networked lighting controls portal at this time.

MEDFORD, MA – January 31, 2022 –The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) today launched a new application portal for use by lighting manufacturers looking to list products on the DLC’s Qualified Products Lists (QPL) for Solid-State (SSL) and Horticultural Lighting – resources that inform commercial lighting energy efficiency incentive programs across the country and aid the selection of high performance lighting by contractors, specifiers, government procurement officials, facility managers, and other stakeholders.

“The DLC is pleased to offer an improved application experience for SSL and Horticultural Lighting QPL product submissions,” DLC Executive Director and CEO Christina Halfpenny said. “This updated portal is designed to be more self-explanatory, helping to guide submitters through the application process and providing quick and easy access to important application data.”

Starting today, the DLC will process all new SSL and horticultural lighting applications through the new portal. Review of any existing SSL and horticultural applications submitted prior to close of business today will be completed through the old portal. In addition, the DLC notes that there is no change for networked lighting controls (NLC) applications at this time, and NLC submitters should continue to use the previous portal and NLC Excel application.

The new portal for SSL and horticultural applications is integrated with the DLC’s main website and accessible through the myDLC dashboard for submitters with DLC-approved submitter accounts. The DLC notes that application submitters will still upload product data and supporting documentation, as they did with the old application portal, and the basic application process remains essentially the same. However, the new portal contains online questions that support uploaded documentation and allows submitters to access and sort applications by date, type, and status. Users can also “favorite” their applications for easier access, view outstanding invoices, and see application messages that need addressing - all from the application dashboard.

In addition, the DLC changed the nomenclature for Single Product and Family Grouping Applications to Level 1 and Level 2 applications, respectively. To minimize confusion, the DLC will reference application types by both the old and new names on the website and application forms for the next few months.

The DLC is providing a 110-day grace period (Feb. 1 through May 21) for submitters to download and save application data from the old application portal, as these data will not be transferred to the new portal. Review of SSL and horticultural applications submitted through the old portal before today must be completed within 90 days (by May 1) or must be resubmitted through the new portal. In addition, applications started in the old portal but not yet submitted as of today must be resubmitted using the new application portal.  

More information about the new application portal and related dates and actions is available on the DLC website and in a January 24 webinar (content available at https://www.designlights.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/IT2.0-Webinar-012422-Final.pdf). The DLC will repeat the webinar in Mandarin on February 8 at 9 p.m. Eastern. 

About the DesignLights Consortium: The DLC is a non-profit organization improving energy efficiency, lighting quality, and the human experience in the built environment. We collaborate with utilities, energy efficiency programs, manufacturers, lighting designers, building owners, and government entities to create rigorous criteria for lighting performance that keeps up with the pace of technology. Together, we’re creating solutions for a better future with better lighting. 


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