Altman Lighting announces new Artemis horticultural LED lighting series

Dec. 7, 2021
Full spectrum grow lights for residential and commercial growers developed to fulfill low energy, high impact lighting needs for indoor growers.

Denver, Colorado (12/07/2021) - Theaters, schools and houses of worship have depended on Altman Lighting to provide innovative lighting solutions for nearly 70 years. Now, indoor commercial and residential growers can, too.

“The indoor growing industry is booming,” says Nicolas Champion, VP of Sales and Marketing for Altman Lighting. “We developed Artemis because there is a need for dimmable, full spectrum lighting that can support strong indoor plant yields using LED technology.”

About Artemis

Commercial Model: The IP-66 full spectrum, high output 150 watt LED grow light provides scalable design for any grow facility. Dimmable pod systems can be daisy chained together to provide even, uninterrupted coverage across the entire plant canopy.

Residential Model: The residential model is compact, convection-cooled, and features 324 multi-array Infrared LEDs to encourage higher blossom and fruit yields.

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Nicolas Champion

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Altman Lighting


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