Thorn highlights controlled light pollution with new Altis luminaire

Dec. 2, 2021
The new Altis LED floodlight can deliver up to 217,000 lm, ideal for a range of sports and high column area lighting applications.

Thorn Lighting is pleased to unveil its new Altis luminaire. Powerful, flexible, and easy to install, it offers numerous CCT/CRI/TCLI and colour changing configuration options, making it the perfect choice for sports applications. With mixed optics as well as a flicker-free operation, the Altis floodlight is suitable for HDTV broadcasting. In addition, design optimisation is achieved through tiltable LED modules, delivering perfect uniformity with the minimum number of floodlights – saving on both space and cost.

Innovation delivers optimal performance

The Altis floodlight is available in 1, 2, or 3-module versions which allow for various optical configurations and installation options. This includes horizontal for reduced obtrusive light (0 cd at 90°) to tiltable (+/-60°) for sports applications. In the past, a 3-module version was the best way to control spill light and a ULOR of 0%. Now, this same protection can be achieved with a 2-module version.

Symmetrical, asymmetrical, and elliptical light distributions are available with the new Altis luminaire, and asymmetrical variants ensure no direct upward light with optional internal louvres.

Light just right

For stadiums that host televised events, lighting specifications for HD, 4K TV, and super slow-motion capabilities are key. Altis scores 90+ on the TCLI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), which broadcasters use to evaluate the performance of lighting for television and has a flicker factor of <1% as standard, offering slow motion broadcasting up to 1000 fps. This high TCLI score indicates that the lighting will optimise the viewer experience by allowing cameras to capture bright and colourful images. The low flicker factor ensures broadcasters can film super-slow-motion replays without interruption.

Flexible and intuitive design

The new Altis is quick and easy to fit and position. As well as featuring a lightweight body, lateral arms for simple handling, and multiple installation positions, there is a quick-fix connection box and plug-in connectors for both the luminaire and the gearbox. The connection box can be attached at various points on the luminaire structure, and cable guides behind the LED modules provide a secure place to hold all cabling together. The flexible IP66 gearbox allows for installation directly in the back of the bracket, remotely up to 200 m away, inside distribution boards, electrical rooms on masts, and more. Post-top, surface, and wall-mounted options are also available.

Christophe Leromain, Product Manager Functional Floodlights, says: “Altis is available in complete lighting management packages for wide-ranging professional and recreational sports applications, both indoor and outdoor. This powerful and controlled floodlight has been vastly improved to provide safety and comfort for both players and spectators. Our control solutions fully meet relevant sports lighting requirements as well as increasing energy savings and flexibility.”

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