Retrofit installation in North Bakersfield Toyota uses Silvair technology

Nov. 25, 2021
LED lighting combined with Ultralink Bluetooth wireless controls are said to reduce the energy consumption of Toyota dealership by at least 90% for outdoor lighting and 70% for indoor lighting.

The main reason that Andy Pappas, a General Manager at North Bakersfield Toyota, decided to retrofit the site was the energy savings. Existing infrastructure was burning up a huge amount of energy so they were looking for a great quality but affordable solution.

Linmore LED designs both the lighting and wireless control plan for the North Bakersfield Toyota car dealership to meet all the customer objectives. The retrofit installation improved the customer shopping experience, employee productivity as well as sustainability, and security.

The Linmore LED lighting fixture with the Ultralink Bluetooth wireless control reduced the energy consumption by at least 90% for outdoor lighting and 70% for indoor lighting. The outside property was divided into four zones. The applied scheduling scenario allows setting the lights to 100% after sunset until the end of business hours. 30 minutes after business hours the lighting moves to the motion control system and the lights are dimmed by 85%. When the motion is detected the entire zone pops on to 100%.

That improves the customer shopping experience and safety of the property after business hours.

The project sustainability contribution is estimated to be 1.2 million less pounds of carbon dioxide annually which equates to planting 153 acres of trees or saving 75,000 gallons of gasoline annually.

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