German company on the way to climate-neutral logistics with connected LEDs from TRILUX

Nov. 8, 2021
Kühne+Nagel operates two logistics hubs with one mission - more sustainability - with efficient LED luminaires, lighting management and IoT functions enabled by TRILUX.

When it comes to climate neutrality, the following motto applies: The sooner, the better. That is why logistics company Kühne+Nagel decided to renovate all its lighting at two of its logistics locations in northern Germany. The reason: the high potential for reducing CO2 and costs by switching to highly efficient and connected LED systems. As a full-service provider, TRILUX did the whole thing, converting all areas in a short period, including light management and IoT functions.

Over the last 130 years, the international logistics group Kühne+Nagel has evolved from a traditional shipping company to a global logistics partner that offers highly specialised solutions for major industries worldwide.

It strives to have a positive impact on the world around it by working towards sustainable logistics. The group's Net Zero Carbon initiative aims to achieve carbon neutrality for its sea freight shipments by 2030. 

An important building block on the way is the lighting of its logistics sites.

The transport company implemented a lighting refurbishment for its two logistics hubs at Obergeorgswerder and Altenwerder in Hamburg, replacing the existing conventional lighting systems with highly efficient, DALI networked LED solutions from TRILUX. Light management and IoT capability included.

In addition to the logistics areas, the associated outdoor areas were also converted to energy-efficient DALI-based TRILUX systems and networked with the LiveLink Outdoor light management system. All in record time and without interrupting operations.

In Obergeorgswerder, the indoor luminaires were connected with the LIVELINK PREMIUM light management system, designed to control and monitor large projects with any number of light points. By combining this with presence and daylight sensors, energy costs can be reduced by around 26 percent compared to an unregulated LED solution. In the outdoor areas, LIVELINK OUTDOOR was used.


One of the "biggest chunks" in Obergeorgswerder was the renovation of the 44,000 m2 handling space divided over five halls. The first step was to dismantle and dispose of the 7.5 km of the old light strip. After that, TRILUX installed 7.5 km of its E-LINE NEXT LED. Thanks to a specially conceived LED shuttle, this process went quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. The product delivery followed a new principle. Lights were not individually packaged or sent as a bundle on pallets in the usual way but were pre-assembled on a five-meter-long transport system with wheels and delivered to the customer by truck. This simplified and sped up the installation process tremendously, as the LED modules do not have to be unpacked, and there is also no waste for disposal. In Obergeorgswerder, the complete renovation of all luminaires, including the 7.5 km light strip, was implemented in just eight weeks without interrupting daily operations.


The entire lighting system can be conveniently controlled and monitored uniquely by networking and connecting the lighting to the Cloud. The digital "TRILUX LIGHT MONITORING "service monitors and analyses the operating parameters of each light point in the lighting network. This data forms the basis for PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE, based on actual needs instead of fixed intervals. This lowers costs and increases security.

In Obergeorgswerder, the location-based service "heat mapping" is implemented via the lighting infrastructure. Robust 3D sensors in the luminaires determine the paths of people and vehicles in the halls to find hot spots, danger, and congestion areas. The data is then displayed as graphically prepared frequency distributions on the hall floor plan. This information helps the centre adapt and reconfigure its layout to avoid the risk of accidents, generally improving safety for all employees.


The renovation has paid off in every aspect. Replacing the conventional system with energy-efficient LED technology with light management resulted in a significant reduction in the operating costs at both locations. A comparison of electricity costs in October 2020 (after the renovation) and October 2019 shows a reduction of around 30 percent. At the same time, the quality of light has been increased, with sometimes surprising effects. In Obergeorgswerder, deaf employees feel much safer in their work environment thanks to the higher lumen packages. And when it comes to future viability, no wishes remain unfulfilled. With heat mapping, Kühne+Nagel has already implemented a location-based service for the lighting, and the systems can be upgraded with additional IoT components.

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