Sollum Technologies unveils new features for its SUN as a Service cloud platform

Oct. 7, 2021
New and improved SUNaaS features include expanded Daily Light Integral (DLI) functionalities and more.

Montréal, Québec, Canada, October 7, 2021 - Today, Sollum Technologies unveiled new and upgraded features for its industry-leading SUN as a Service® (“SUNaaS”) cloud platform. The nerve centre of the groundbreaking 100% programmable Sollum™ LED lighting solution, SUNaaS gives greenhouse growers unparalleled, real-time, and remote control of their lighting and opens unprecedented production opportunities for the horticultural industry. The platform allows growers to connect an infinite number of LED fixtures.

New and improved SUNaaS features include:

- Expanded Daily Light Integral (DLI) functionalities: real-time DLI calculation, DLI-controlled lighting, and predictive DLI forecasting.

- Revamped platform user interface that simplifies navigation and clearly displays fixture light output

- Expanded advanced monitoring features and new dashboards

- Complete lighting reporting with adjustable increments: daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly

Sollum offers growers different SUNaaS packages so they can select the options that best suit their needs.

“These new and improved SUNaaS features give growers even more control of and more data on their lighting and enhance their ability to customize their artificial light according to their crops and the characteristics they want in them,” says Sollum’s vice president, Product, Patrick Ménard. “Our software team was inspired by the feedback we got from growers to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation of fully programmable lighting.”

“The continuous improvement of our SUNaaS platform demonstrates Sollum’s ability to continue to shift the paradigm for horticultural lighting and provide growers all over the world with the precise lighting they need to increase and diversify their production,,” says Sollum CEO Louis Brun. “I cannot wait to see how growers make use of SUNaaS to boost greenhouse cultivation and try previously impossible production practices.”

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About Sollum Technologies

Inspired by nature, Sollum Technologies was founded in 2015 to offer greenhouse growers the only smart LED lighting solution which dynamically recreates, perfects, and modulates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light. The company is based in Montréal (Québec, Canada), where its design, development, and manufacturing activities are concentrated. Sollum™ works closely with its clients and research centres to create recipes that are adapted to the growth cycle of each crop, regardless of its native climate or the location of the greenhouse. Its SUN as a Service® cloud platform enables multi-zone light management so growers can implement several different recipes simultaneously in the same greenhouse. The platform also automatically adapts the lighting of each zone to the ambient light to match recipe targets.  Sollum’s award-winning lighting solution thereby provides unparalleled value in terms of energy savings, productivity, and superior produce quality through a flexible, adaptive, and easy-to-use application, with great respect for the environment. For more information, visit


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