Sophisticated lighting accentuates sleek auto showrooms

Oct. 12, 2021
Ansorg’s new corporate lighting concept for the SEAT & CUPRA volume marques on Düsseldorf’s ‘Auto Mile’ unites two brand worlds under one roof.

Auto trader Gottfried Schultz has added another attraction to the ‘Auto Mile’ on Höherweg, which is famous in Düsseldorf and beyond, with a new SEAT & CUPRA showroom. The new building in a high-visibility location boasts steel, wood, glass and cement-defined architecture and represents another highlight in this Rhineland city’s automobile Mecca district. The Düsseldorf dealership is one of the first in the world to translate the SEAT & CUPRA design specifications of transparency and modernity into an architectural concept in a project orchestrated by Besnik Kalo, Studio K. The showroom lighting – a very important part of that project – was designed and implemented for the international roll-out by lighting expert Ansorg. In the first phase another 35 showrooms in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain will have the new corporate lighting installed. By the end of the roll-out, SEAT & CUPRA vehicles in a total of 43 countries around the world will be showcased by Ansorg lighting.

‘Ansorg’s involvement at a very early stage of the planning process for the new Gottfried Schultz showroom, as well as their vehicle presentation expertise, has given us a sophisticated lighting result that is perfectly tailored to our design,’ said the architect, Besnik Kalo. The glass facade, which takes on a pale and cool hue during the evening hours, is a compelling structure with exclusive appeal. A wooden CUPRA logo wall, positioned in the window front and illuminated from the back, enhances the building’s showcase character, as do the individually designed wooden shelves housing vehicle accessories and merchandising products for both brands. The matt sheen of the wooden interior fittings underscore the showroom’s modernity and quality. Shopfitter Vizona designed and implemented the retail space concept. ‘Ansorg’s holistic approach to lighting design, their choice of luminaires that were perfect in terms of style and function for integration into the various elements of the showroom, as well as the individual alignment of every luminaire, added the finishing touches to the retail design concept,’ explained Alexander Lüngen, New Vehicle Sales Manager for SEAT & CUPRA at the Düsseldorf showroom.

Luminaires suspended in grid format at a height of four metres below the showroom’s five-meter-high anthracite steel and roof structure provide cool and harmonious ambient brightness. Perfectly aligned to the grid at a lower level, the Ansorg spotlights installed on various rectangular power rails brilliantly accentuate the three-dimensionality and modern look of the vehicles’ curves and surfaces. Two rectangular-shaped light strips suspended one above the other provide an additional eye-catching design feature. They give the highlight model a centre-stage quality, ensuring that it stands out visually from the other vehicles in the showroom.

Another objective was to create islands of warmth beside the shine of the vehicles and the cool atmosphere of the presentation areas. This was achieved by using a warm light in the customer experience zones, such as the lounge area, the various standing-height tables and the consultation units. One element that divides the spaces occupied by the SEAT & CUPRA brands, yet brings people together, is the Central Island lounge in the middle of the showroom with high boards, showcases and settees. It’s the ideal place to hold conversations, take time out or enjoy a cup of coffee. A suspended ceiling grille with a translucent light cover, combined with decorative suspended luminaries, creates a cosy yet open atmosphere that invites customers to stay longer.

The uniform roof structure with ceiling lights provides a harmonious overall look. At the same time, the various interior branding elements, as well as the colour schemes and visuals, make a clear differentiation between the two auto brands. In the CUPRA area the lighting arrangements by the Ansorg experts emphasise the features of the natural wood furniture and the petrol-coloured, micro cement-coated CUPRA wall with its lozenge-shaped textured finish. And, in the SEAT wing of the showroom, it highlights the colourful furniture and the Barcelona silhouette painted on the wall denoting the brand origin. The combination of architectural design, interior design and sophisticated lighting design has made it possible to maximise the homogeneity of the overall look while emphasising the individuality of the SEAT & CUPRA brands.

Project information

Client: Gottfried Schultz

Location: Düsseldorf

Area: 670 m²

Lighting & light planning: Ansorg

Architect: Besnik Kalo / Studio K

Shopfitter: Vizona

Energy consumption: 9,81 W/m²

Luminaires: Mona MIL, Coray CMT, Lightstripe LPR


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