Lucent Lighting and Xicato partner to offer the ultimate lighting experience

Oct. 4, 2021
Unique multi-channel retail concept for premier luxury auto brand shines with exceptional lighting.

When Arkilux, an exclusive distributor for Lucent Lighting based in Verona, Italy, was commissioned by Architect Franco Scaramuzza of Quoin Studio, Verona to design and provide the lighting for a brand-new concept at the CityLife Shopping District in Milan, Italy, they were thrilled to be a part of a new multi-channel retail concept centered around the shopper ex-perience. The setting for this innovative concept is the largest urban trade centre in Italy, namely Milan’s CityLife Shopping District. The location attracts millions of tourists and citizens annually, offering an exclusive shopping experience combined with a new concept of leisure time and lifestyle.

The Challenge: Create a Standout Unique Retail Experience

The looming question for the Arkilux team – how to make the new concept stand out and grab the attention of retail shoppers who may not be used to seeing luxury brand automobiles on display in such a way? Due to the high-profile location and number of visitors, it is extremely important to provide a stunning experience for shoppers. Lighting quickly became a focus by the designers in the build phase to help attract shoppers to explore the area.

The Solution: The Lighting Effect

“Porsche@CityLife” is neither a dealership nor a car display area, but rather an innovative multi-channel store concept focusing on the individual experience of the Porsche brand, its products and services. Therefore the “experience” requires a draw to attract shoppers. Arkilux turned to Lucent Lighting with Xicato Inside™ to provide the luxurious lighting to show off the Porsche automobiles with their rich, gleaming colors and features.

“Xicato is known for offering the very best in quality lighting. We knew that Xicato Inside Lucent Lighting’s high-end Prospex Gimbal Midi trim would achieve the superior lighting results that the client was looking for. Xicato has always been a go-to option for us when quality of light really matters.”

- James Morris-Jones, International Sales Director, Lucent Lighting

Once inside the showroom, visitors are welcomed by Porsche experts. These are specialists, who advise and inspire customers and prospects with high expertise in products and technology and share an enthusiasm for the Porsche brand. At “Porsche@Citylife,” there is an additional focus on hospitality. Guests are assisted if they wish to deepen their knowledge on the sports car manufacturer or to be guided through the various services offered onsite.

However, attracting visitors for the experience inside the environment is key to the entire design. The dynamic lighting effects surround each automobile and display them to perfection, especially through the clear glass walls, creating an attractive ambience drawing visitors to the space.

Light Quality and Warranty Unlike Any Other

The key to Xicato’s outstanding light quality is its extremely accurate reproduction of color with a wide gamut and long-term consistency of both lumen and color. What does this mean for the “Porsche@CityLife” experience? The showroom lighting will be consistently beautiful for many years due to the industry’s longest warranty of color and lumen maintenance at 10-years. No other has a longer warranty than Xicato. Xicato’s warranty and Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® ensures superior color consistency  (virtually no color shift) and color rendering (high CRI) with the ultimate in sustained performance.

“The combination of Lucent Lighting’s sleek lighting luminaire with the light quality of Xicato Inside™ created just the lighting effect we wanted to showcase the retail space. Porsche is very happy with the outcome.”

- Piero Comparotto, CEO, Arkilux Srl

Xicato Product Used: XTM Designer Module 2000lm

Lighting Design and Supply: Arkilux Srl

Project Design: Architect Franco Scaramzza, Quoin Studio

Luminaire Type: Architectural Downlights

Lighting: Lucent Lighting Gimbal Midi Triple with Xicato Inside™, TubeLED Micro spotlights, FineLine Cube 5 + Cube 10

Photo Credits: Arkilux




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