MetroSpec Technology® partners with Nichia for light source implementation

Sept. 27, 2021
MetroSpec uses its FlexRad® technology to create a variety of cuttable, bendable, labor saving light source designs using the Nichia H6 emitters featuring TriGain® technology.

ST. PAUL, MN, September 27, 2021 - MetroSpec Technology is proud to announce its partnership with Nichia for light source implementation of the H6 series emitter with TriGain® Technology in architectural and other general lighting applications. MetroSpec uses its FlexRad® technology to create a variety of cuttable, bendable, labor saving light source designs using the Nichia H6 emitters.  TriGain® Technology potassium fluorosilicate (PFS) phosphor formulation used in the Nichia H6 emitters can meet “priority levels of specification criteria for ANSI/IES TM-30 Annex E”, while still delivering excellent efficacy.  Industry interest in lighting for health and well-being has driven LED manufacturers to pursue different paths toward delivering spectral distributions favoring Human Centric Lighting (HCL) goals. FlexRad supports a variety of technologies and LED types supporting HCL, including Nichia's Vitasolis™ and their newest solution Dynasolis™ , which is a combination of new PC Cyan (called Azure™) plus the H6 series to allow for spectral tuning and color tuning.  MetroSpec manufactures color tuning solutions under the names Dim2Tone® and 2Tone®.

Todd Crandell, CEO at MetroSpec Technology, said ”We are pleased to once again participate with Nichia in the launching of their latest technology.  The HCL options from Nichia combined with our FlexRad open up many exciting opportunities for our customers.”

Informational sheets and videos for FlexRad can be found on their website:  For more information on FlexRad, please click here or email:  [email protected].

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