Xicato wins two Sapphire Awards

Aug. 25, 2021
The company won LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards honors in connected SSL systems and modular light engines technology categories.

Los Gatos, CA – August 24, 2021 -- Xicato, the leading provider of smart building wireless controls and highest quality spot and linear lighting, is proud to announce that two of Xicato's lighting and controls solutions have won the highly coveted Sapphire Awards by LEDs Magazine. The Sapphire Awards is an esteemed awards program in the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) sectors honoring innovation in enabling technologies and elegance-of-design in finished lighting products.

“Xicato has really pivoted in the last few years to pave the way as a leader in the smart building space,” said Maury Wright, Chief Editor of LEDs Magazine. “It’s refreshing to view the latest product innovation and technological advancements as a result of the leadership of Xicato’s CEO Amir Zoufonoun. I expect to see even bigger things from Xicato in the near future.”

"We deeply appreciate the recognition by LEDs Magazine, the judges and our industry peers,” says April Mitchell, Xicato's VP of Marketing. “These prestigious Sapphire awards validate the hard work and dedication our team puts into every product design. We now have even greater inspiration to define the future of smart buildings with our lighting and controls solutions."

Xicato Smart Controls - Sapphire Winner for Smart and Connected SSL Enabling Systems

Xicato’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls are designed to provide a superior range of control and monitoring and to reduce the implementation and maintenance costs at any site. Tens of thousands of nodes can share a single, highly secure network, and across tens of thousands of networks.

Interoperable and Scalable

Buildings are IoT epicenters with a variety of protocols in use from Bluetooth to Zigbee. They are the foundation for everything from building management systems to open communications networks. Xicato's Controls are designed for interoperability and scalability. As a result, our lighting controls work with a broad range of lighting, network, and management systems throughout a building and across entire sites.

Faster, Simpler, Cost Effective

Xicato’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls can be installed and commissioned in hours or days, rather than weeks or months. Without expensive wires, hubs, or dedicated control gear, commissioning can take place without disrupting people. Fast, responsive performance and powerful features such as groups, scenes, schedules, and sensor control are easily within reach, even for smaller shops and spaces.

Reliable by Design
Eliminating wires, connectors, hubs, and central controllers reduce the possibility of failure which could take down the entire system. Xicato’s distributed Bluetooth lighting controls ensure that there is no single point of failure. Lights can be individually programmed to respond to manual commands or time of day, but the power of Xicato’s lighting controls are fully revealed when switches and schedules are combined with occupancy (motion) and ambient light (lux) sensors. Automation provides the ability to minimize energy consumption, meet government regulations, operating budgets, and to create a comfortable, convenient environment.

Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM) - Sapphire Winner for Modular LED Light Engines

The XIM is a compact, integrated LED lighting module designed to fit a wide variety of downlight and spot fixtures, and to simplify the design and assembly of controllable LED luminaires. The extremely high quality, integrated XIM driver dims more smoothly and deeply than high-end standalone LED drivers. Combined with Xicato's industry leading color quality, consistency and application-optimized light spectra, the award-winning XIM provides simply the most beautiful lit effect. Over its broad dimming range, XIM exceeds the highest international standards for avoiding health effects related to flicker - it is the only LED solution to achieve this. Another standout feature is the 10-year warranty on color consistency and lumen maintenance.




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