Pulsar launches high-performance, dynamic floodlight series

July 30, 2021
The compact LED lights feature an optimized thermal design to help achieve 100,000 hours' lifetime.

[UK: July 2021] Leading UK lighting manufacturer, Pulsar, has unveiled its latest innovation with the arrival of its new product family, FIRA. Comprising FIRA Pro and FIRA Ultra, Pulsar has set a new standard for high quality, dynamic lighting with the arrival of its most recent architectural luminaire for exterior applications.

Featuring a new, compact form factor, the high-performance luminaire incorporates advanced multi-channel LED technology and precision optics to deliver exceptional quality of light and precisely controlled beams. With homogenous, in-optic colour mixing and its smaller size, FIRA is now the go-to solution for accent and architectural feature lighting applications.

FIRA is also Pulsar’s first luminaire to feature Cool Zone™ technology which uses an engineered venturi slot to help improve luminaire performance. The innovative feature separates the driver from the LED chamber whist also accelerating the air flow to help maximise the cooling effect. This  thermal design optimisation is a key contributor to the product’s rated lifetime which stands at a market-leading 100,000 hours.

Available in multiple light sources, including RGBW, RGBA and Tunable White, FIRA is capable of producing a full spectrum of colours from saturated primaries to subtle pastels. In addition, the Tunable White and RGBA options utilise a specially selected Phosphor Converted (PC) Amber LED to deliver a wide spectrum of warm, rich golden colours and whites. The PC Amber also contains no blue spikes which can impact the circadian rhythms in wildlife; an important consideration for outdoor lighting.

The highly adaptable luminaire can be mounted horizontally or vertically in any orientation and is offered in multiple beam options, making it ideally suited to a wide range of applications, from accent lighting to area floodlighting. FIRA is available in a choice of corrosion-resistant powder coat finishes, including black, white and silver or custom and signature finishes upon request.

All of Pulsar’s architectural lighting products are born as a result of extensive research and development. Every solution in the portfolio brings together five key design principles: superior light quality; outstanding performance; seamless control; ease of installation; built to last, to ensure each product is capable of delivering unprecedented light quality and performance, regardless of how arduous and challenging their surrounding environment is.

Mark King, General Manager of Pulsar commented: “We are extremely proud of our new FIRA range which adds another dimension to our architectural lighting collection. FIRA Pro and FIRA Ultra boast exceptional performance qualities and offer the perfect colour mix at close grading applications. We believe the DW Windsor Group portfolio of products offer specifiers an extensive toolkit of lighting solutions for a wide range of applications and the addition of the new FIRA family offers more mounting options and increased flexibility, whilst producing the same high quality of light. After extensive development and testing, we are thrilled with the end result.”

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Pulsar is a leading architectural lighting company which designs, develops and produces high-quality luminaires and control systems that transform architectural projects with light. For more than five decades, Pulsar has been at the forefront of delivering unique lighting solutions across a wide range of sectors, including architectural, entertainment and creative projects. As a pioneering LED lighting manufacturer, Pulsar has a proven record in electrical innovation and architectural lighting systems.


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