Axis Lighting launches StencilFlex™

Aug. 3, 2021
Layers of light reinvented with adaptable framework system that provides architects and lighting designers flexibility.

Lasalle, QC Canada (August 3, 2021) Axis Lighting is launching StencilFlex, a framework for limitless lighting design. StencilFlex is a simple, cost-effective delivery system for the layers of light you want, where you want them. It features a sleek, versatile framework based on the Stencil® form factor. And it uses innovative IMW™ (Integral Modular Wiring), Nomadic™ and Empower™ technologies to connect lighting inserts where needed and maximize design flexibility.

“Many in the industry believe flexibility can’t be achieved without the complexity and high installation costs of low-voltage track systems and remote drivers. However, by thinking outside the fixture, we’ve engineered a system that might change everything about architectural pendant lighting,” commented Howard Yaphe, Axis Lighting CEO.

StencilFlex is based on the F.L.E.X. framework: a streamlined, cost effective line-voltage structure that adapts to interiors and building-scale solutions. It delivers a broad range of architecturally integrated lighting elements and acoustic panels that meet the needs of entire spaces and specific areas. This adaptable system can illuminate entire spaces or specific areas requiring additional light.


Built for strength and flexibility, new StencilFlex Hubs enable multiple forms throughout the framework. Depending on lighting requirements and design intent, a StencilFlex layout can include several frameworks, each one a pool of light, or it can form a single, large-scale framework with multiple neighborhoods of light.

Lighting Inserts

F.L.E.X. frameworks accept any manufacturer’s lighting inserts for linear lighting, downlighting, wall washing, track elements and decorative pendants to bring StencilFlex layers of light where required, i.e., neighborhoods of light, circulation areas and other functional spaces.


The F.L.E.X. approach allows for full control of StencilFlex layouts using Empower technology, a wireless platform that leverages open standard design flexibility and individually controlled inserts. This ensures more freedom to create visually engaging lighting that is smart and connected.

X-Factor: Design Freedom

Design freedom means that when a framework is built that spans an area, a floor or an entire building, it can be filled with lighting inserts where needed, and each may be controlled with Empower technology to create endless architectural possibilities. Where there isn’t a need for lighting, blank inserts in the StencilFlex framework add a sophisticated, minimalist touch to the overall design.

Plug and Play

The innovative Integral Modular Wiring line-voltage framework and Nomadic™ inserts support F.L.E.X. simplicity, adaptability and affordability. Cables and connectors are supplied as standard into all segments, so wiring isn’t an issue. Wiring is standard 120/277 volt with standard 4” j-box at each power drop.

“Today, 50 percent fewer offices have drop ceilings and are now configured with open-ceiling floor plans. Architects and lighting designers are looking for lighting systems that are cost-effective and code-compliant while providing the flexibility to meet ever-changing space configurations. StencilFlex is the ideal solution,” added Yaphe.

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