TandemLED integrates with the latest smart home innovations from Amazon

July 20, 2021
Shared communication protocol between devices makes set up fast and easy.

[KEARNY, NEBRASKA - JULY 20, 2021] – TandemLED™, the patented lighting control solution that enables white lights to be tuned from warm to cool, integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s latest Echo smart speaker.  Like Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo, Task Lighting’s TandemLED enabled WAV Smart Receiver incorporates Zigbee communication protocol so users can set up TandemLED lighting using the Alexa app and control the lights with the app or voice commands.

Zigbee has emerged as the dominant protocol for smart home devices.  It is incorporated in devices from Amazon, Philips Hue, Samsung, and more.  As designers are increasingly asked to integrate technology into designs, it is important to choose products with shared protocols to simplify integration and avoid becoming quickly obsolete.

To learn more about TandemLED and see how tunable lighting shows designs in their best light, visit TaskLighting.com.


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