In‐Vision enters a business alliance with Correns Corporation for the Japanese market

July 7, 2021
The main aim of the partnership is to support Japanese companies in the field of additive manufacturing and bioprinting with In‐Vision's DLP‐based UV light projectors.

(Vienna/Tokyo) In‐Vision Digital Imaging Optics GmbH, an Austrian based Tech‐company focusing on optical devices for industrial 3D printing has entered a business alliance with Japanese Correns Corporation (Headquarters: Roppongi, Tokyo, President: Ivar Johansson), that imports and exports industrial machinery. The main aim of the partnership is to support Japanese Companies in the field of additive manufacturing and bioprinting with In‐Visions world leading DLP‐based UV light projectors. Correns Corporation has a long successful history of trading industrial machinery and parts. Founded in 1948 by the German engineer Mr. Claus Correns the company represents several European companies with a strong focus on advanced technology and connects European manufacturers with Japan‐quality products. “We are happy to cooperate with a company with this background and are sure, that the excellent technical knowledge of the Correns‐Team will help us to support Japanese Users of our equipment in the best way”, says Florian Zangerl, CEO of In‐Vision.

Over the last months In‐Vision has completed its product range with two top‐edge UV light Projectors: HELIOS, based on In‐Vision’s new proprietary light source delivers up to 12W irradiance on the image plane and is currently the strongest Light Engine in the market. With PHOENIX In‐Vision established a completely new segment – it´s the first industrial 4K‐Projector, using Texas Instruments 670s‐DLP‐Chipset. All products are consequent designed for industrial 24/7‐use and target customers, who need highest precision values. They are beside 385nm and 405nm available in customized pixel resolutions and several wavelengths on request. Mr. Joerg Heil, Vice President of Correns says: “Japan has been sharing the lead with Western Europe in high‐end optics since long before. In recent years, the development of not only 3D printers but also highly reactive UV curing resins has been actively pursued among researchers and manufacturers in Japan towards the realization of mass‐produceable 3D printers. The powerful UV light engine of In‐Vision is inevitable to achieve high throughput and quality in a DLP‐based 3D printer with a large shaping area, and we strongly believe that it will play an important role in accelerating the development in Japan.”

About Correns
Correns Corporation was founded 1948 in Tokyo and has since been focusing on importing leading European machines and special components to Japan. After the end of World War II, German citizens were repatriated, stopping all German related business activities in Japan. C. Correns & Co. was the first German company allowed to re‐start business, supporting the reconstruction of Japan after the war. Still today, the entrepreneurial spirit of those days is part of our company culture.

About In‐Vision
In‐Vision Digital Imaging Optics GmbH develops and manufactures high‐precision optical systems for industrial applications. The company is located in Guntramsdorf, in the south of Vienna, Austria. In‐Vision’s globally leading DLP UV‐projectors are mostly used for additive manufacturing, bioprinting, 3D metrology and lithography applications. The company manufactures its products exclusively at the production site in Austria and has two research and development departments in Austria and Boston, USA.


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