CUBE PRO L series high lumen output and long-throw RGBW LED floodlights

June 18, 2021
The LED floodlights are available in multiple lumen packages, with 150-degree adjustable bracket for facade or wall installation.

Cube Pro L are powerful LED floodlights with brilliant performance capabilities, created for large-scale architectural facades, landscapes and other outdoor application required flood illumination. Multiple lumen packages, variety of light distributions, outstanding thermal management and precision optical system, make the luminaires ideal for any projects. Modular design, each head can be adjusted individually.

LED floodlights for outdoor installation on a façade or wall, with a bracket available in adjustability 150°on horizontal axis. Dual-adjustability for models which power above 270W. Made of powder coated aluminum body and polycarbonate optic lens.

The luminaires feature efficient thermal management ensures performance and reliability of LED light source, precise optical system with a wide range of light distributions. RGB/RGBW versions available for creating dynamic color-changing lighting effects, each LED module can be controlled separately by DMX512 control system.

As well as various lumen packages that help lighting designers to achieve the desired result. Ideal for bridges, monuments, facades, parks, plazas and many other applications required powerful and long-throw illumination.

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