Flex Neon goes beyond traditional lighting with its unique flexing abilities

June 7, 2021
Accentuate and contour indoor and outdoor spaces with Flex Neon’s left/right and up/down bending family of lighting products.

Chicago, IL (June 2021) – PureEdge Lighting introduces Flex Neon, a versatile indoor/outdoor lighting system that provides unlimited freedom and creative possibilities. The unique, patent-pending IP65 rated Up-Down bending or Left-Right bending silicone extrusions create eye-catching indoor/outdoor architectural highlights. Ideal for illuminating pools, patios, outdoor structures, interior walls, and coves with LED straight lines or curves.

Stunning accent lighting, illuminated edging and contouring, are all possible with Flex Neon’s versatile and rugged continuous strip of LEDs housed within a proprietary silicone lens, offering superior color quality and performance without visible diodes or pixilation. Constructed of premium, fade-resistant silicone, Flex Neon is optically clear and ideal for commercial or residential use. Available with a flat or rounded lens in 7 Static white color temperatures, RGB, and RGB+W. Flex Neon also comes in two Warm Dim color temperatures and Tunable White to create evening ambiance.

“What makes Flex Neon unique is the way that it bends. It is also offered with an interior/exterior ridged flexible aluminum channel, all field cuttable,” said Gregory Kay, President of PureEdge Lighting. “Flex Neon is like a fully loaded tool belt. We can’t wait to see what lighting designers build for their clients.”

About PureEdge Lighting

PureEdge Lighting, founded in Chicago by Gregory Kay in 2004, manufactures architectural, low-voltage LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor spaces that empower you to not only design your space, but also the fixtures you envision. Modern, innovative, and completely customizable, PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion. PureEdge is known for class 2 wiring, low-voltage lighting systems that are easy to install. PureEdge has a strong presence in hospitality, residential, healthcare, and retail. To learn more about Flex Neon, visit www.pureedgelighting.com.


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