Thorn and Zumtobel Lighting put Cleveland Police firmly in control

May 19, 2021
At police offices in Stockton on Tees, Thorn and Zumtobel recently introduced a range of Bluetooth compatible luminaires that met the design brief, enabling Bluetooth technology to be used where wiring could not be changed.

Zumtobel Group with its lighting brands Thorn and Zumtobel have managed to supply and deliver luminaires and lighting controls with minimal disruption for the offices of The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland at St Marks House in Stockton on Tees. The main challenge was to introduce lighting controls in the existing luminaire footprint on a tight deadline, whilst dealing with the restrictions of working amidst a pandemic lockdown. Thorn and Zumtobel have recently introduced a comprehensive range of Bluetooth compatible luminaires that were exact to the design brief, enabling Bluetooth technology to be used where wiring could not be changed.

Cleveland Police procured St Marks House and instigated a refurbishment to provide accommodation for the return of its previously contracted out staff. St Marks House is about 600 metres from their previous location and has capacity for 180 desks over two of its floors, allowing the Force to meet an increased need for space as Force numbers begin to grow.

Omega Pro 2 Bluetooth has been installed in the main offices to enable users to personalise their lighting, from the lit effect to the colour temperature of the room. With Omega Pro 2, it’s easy for users to add smart functionality to lighting installations, with the option of innovative new optics to give an installation a dynamic edge. With three optics, three mounting options, three task-orientated lumen packages, three colour temperatures and Thorn’s new C-Kit, the versatility of Omega Pro 2 is able to address almost any application need. Omega Pro 2 also offers the ability to integrate lighting controls in the future as and when required.

Thorn’s C-Kit accessory range takes a modular approach to lighting control and is unique because it is a fully interchangeable plug-and-play system, can allow a master luminaire to be a slave, or a microwave sensor to become a presence motion detector quickly and easily. With the innovative C-Kit, Omega Pro 2 provides a future proof solution for office applications and can incorporate new sensors and technologies as they become available.

Zumtobel’s super-efficient PANOS infinity Bluetooth recessed downlights illuminate the corridors, with four different reflector surface finishes, they provide glare control up to UGR 19 and efficiency of more than 100 lm/W, making them the perfect choice for offices and communication areas. Lighting control is via a DALI signal so it can also be integrated into various control systems. The use of LED’s has provided improved energy savings and better colour rendition along with control of the working areas.

Installed in the stairways and toilets, Thorn’s Katona combines market-leading efficiency, ease of installation and powerful IP65 protection against water, dust and damage to provide an all-round problem solver for almost every lighting task. Katona offers lumen outputs ranging from 1000 lm to 2000 lm and colour temperatures of 4000K or a warmer 3000K, with sophisticated DALI control, in-built daylight and presence sensors, a corridor function and wireless connectivity.

Simple to install, use and maintain, the IP66-rated Aquaforce Bluetooth has been utilised in the plant areas, using cutting edge light transmission technology with refraction prisms to provide smooth light without sharp corners, and a maximum light levels. This robust luminaire is built to resist ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to 35°C, and its clever drip-edge design avoids dust depositing on the light output surface, so that any accumulation of dirt has minimal impact on performance.

Voyager One and Voyager Fit luminaires have provided the emergency lighting throughout the project to achieve high levels of protection. Voyager One is an ultra-slim emergency luminaire that achieves high levels of protection with a simple blade appearance and IP65 protection against dust and moisture. The compact Voyager Fit is so small that it can be installed almost anywhere with very little impact on ceilings and only requires an 80 mm ceiling void. Extremely versatile, these luminaires have interchangeable lenses that make it easy to get the required light distribution. LED Fit, an ultra-lightweight, reliable and efficient alternative to general purpose HID floodlights, have been installed for the illumination of the exterior perimeter of the building. The asymmetric optic provides light distribution and excellent light control (0cd at 90°) with no need to tilt and a maintenance free 50,000 hours life. LED Fit reduces energy consumption by approximately 80% when compared to similar HIT solutions.

Zumtobel Group with its lighting brands Thorn and Zumtobel have used the latest, efficient LED technology to deliver improved energy savings and a better lit environment, along with lighting controls to provide flexible control of the working areas for Cleveland Police.

Following a tender process, Maval Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. were appointed to undertake the renewal of the engineering services, inclusive of the lighting installation. The constraints on the project were both time and value for money related, working to the pandemic rules, together with the main principle of providing the latest lighting and control technology. Based upon the experience of previous projects, Maval Electrical and Mechanical Co. Ltd. approached the Zumtobel Group and challenged them to satisfy the technical brief whilst also delivering the required product under unusual working circumstances. Maval Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. and the Client understood the advantages of the Bluetooth control philosophy, the flexibility offered for future development and the reduced installation period required. Maval Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. delivered the project on time and on budget.

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