Excelitas Technologies introduces PYD 1378, 1388 and 1398 pyroelectric analog detectors

May 21, 2021
Enhanced product family minimizes false alarms in smart lighting control systems caused by electromagnetic interference from nearby wireless devices.

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, today unveiled its enhanced family of PYD 1378 Analog Detectors. The PYD 1378, 1388 and 1398 Pyroelectric Detectors are used for analog circuits in intrusion alarms and smart light control applications. They offer outstanding performance to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and prevent the “false alarms” it can cause.

Proliferating use of wireless technology is making it necessary for a range of electronic devices to operate in close proximity with one another – without signal distortion caused by interference. As a result, there is increased demand for sensors that reduce EMI to avoid false triggering of connected controls.

The Excelitas PYD 1378, 1388 and 1399 Pyroelectric Analog Detectors are dual element detectors based on pyro-ceramics, connected in serial opposed format. Excellent EMI immunity is achieved through an optimized PCB layout and GND connections, in combination with integral filtering circuits.

“Wireless communication technologies and electronics today must be designed to coexist,” said Fred Plotz, Product Manager, IR Sensing at Excelitas. “As more smart devices, including motion-activated lighting and security alarms are deployed, tighter engineering specifications are needed to keep all the devices working without interference. The new PYD 1378 series of pyroelectric analog detectors offers a much-needed solution.”

Available in standard or customized versions, the new analog sensors are a top-of-the-line family of products for these applications. For additional information about the PYD 1378, 1388 and 1398 Pyroelectric Detectors, visit: https://www.excelitas.com/product-category/pyroelectric-ir-detectors-and-sensors.

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