Announcing the New Hydra Series

May 17, 2021
Innovative indoor and outdoor lighting solution designed for performance spaces emerging from the pandemic.

Denver, Colorado (05/17/2021) - Theaters, schools and houses of worship are inventing new ways to reach audiences, and today, Altman Lighting is releasing a new PAR to support them.

“A lot of the work I do is listening,” says Nicolas Champion, VP of Sales and Marketing for Altman Lighting.

“Throughout the pandemic, there was a stated need for a luminaire that could work safely inside and outside, in various weather conditions, integrate with existing systems, and provide a perfect a “spot to wash” transition…That’s why we developed the Hydra.”

About Hydra

The Hydra Series AIP-200 is a compact 200 Watt RGBL IP65 rated & convection cooled zoom PAR that is packed with a high feature set. The silent, compact luminaire weighs 13.44 pounds and features a powerful lumen output with a wide zoom range. The motorized zoom produces a beam spread between 6.5° and 50° with built-in stops at five different set points ensuring precise beam spread repeatability. For more product information, visit: To find your local Altman reseller, visit:

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Nicolas Champion

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Altman Lighting


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