Luminus Releases RGBW Dynamic Tunable COB Modules

May 13, 2021
Phosphor converted red, green, and white LEDs create consistent InGaN performance.

Sunnyvale, Calif.- Luminus Devices has expanded its portfolio of dynamic COB modules with the addition of RGBW tunable LED spot modules. The CTM-9 & 14 RGBW modules feature four-channel red, green, blue, and warm white MP-1616 XNOVA Cube LEDs on metal PC boards. With all four channels using the same InGaN blue die inside, the phosphor converted red, green, and white LEDs create consistent InGaN performance and uniformity over wide temperature, current, and time ranges creating smooth spectrums and uniform luminaries with predictable output. The high lumen density produced by these 9mm and 14mm light-emitting surface (LES) diameter modules is ideal for a variety of directional lighting applications including outdoor landscape, indoor decorative, architectural, and “architainment.”

Tom Jory, VP of Illumination marketing explains that “lighting designers and their end users are increasingly wanting to create colorful scenes and dramatic accents which can change to match events, preferences or seasons. Our RGBW modules produce not only tunable whites but also rich colors, and with phosphor conversion they deliver smooth, predictable spectrums without the need for expensive detectors or feedback circuits.” 

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