Thorn ensures the perfect setting at Queens Quay and Titan Crane Basin

May 6, 2021
Thorn's Dyana IP66 aluminium road lantern incorporates a flexible optical engine and delivers glare-free white light for a more pleasant urban environment.

Thorn Lighting has supplied its stylish, Dyana aluminium road lanterns for Queens Quay, one of the most significant regeneration projects in Clydebank, West Central Scotland. The project is part of a larger urban regeneration development that is taking place around the Titan Crane, a major landmark and tourist attraction in the Clyde Basin and the old John Brown shipyards in Clydebank. A Queens Quay design code has been put in place to ensure a high quality, sustainable development, so it was important that the lighting helped to create an inviting public space that also enhanced the surrounding developments.

The 24 hectare Clydebank site is one of Scotland’s key waterfront regeneration opportunities with huge transformational potential for the town. The once thriving industrial yard was famous for building the QE2 and Queen Mary. The masterplan is to deliver a vibrant mixed use community that extends Clydebank’s existing town centre down to the riverside, enjoying public access to, and focus on, the river frontage, historic dock and iconic Titan Crane. The Titan Crane is the focus of plans to regenerate the Clydebank waterfront, where visitors are able to take the lift to the top of the 150 feet giant crane and walk along the jib and see stunning views of the Clyde and the surrounding landscape. 

Thorn worked on the project with landscape architects RaeburnFarquharBowen and mechanical and electrical consulting engineers Henderson Warnock and agreed Thorn’s Dyana lanterns would be the perfect choice. With its sleek aesthetic for modern or traditional applications, the Dyana fittings have been mounted on bespoke aluminium columns in 2 different sizes, in a tapered style with decorative finials. Dyana is a stylish, IP66 aluminium road lantern that incorporates a flexible optical engine and delivers glare-free white light for a more pleasant urban environment. The lantern incorporates an electronic and dimmable gear for reduced energy consumption and maintenance, provides high efficiency of up to 150 lmW and is tested to IK10. This high quality LED luminaire efficiently enhances urban roads and streets up to ME2 and has made Queens Quay an inviting public space that will blend smoothly with the surrounding developments.

Lisa McRavey, Senior Landscape Architect RaeburnFarquharBowen commented "Our masterplan design at Queens Quay celebrates the industrial heritage of the site, and seeks to re-engage the town and its people with both the site and the waterfront. The centre-piece of the development is the old fitting out basin, re-imagined whilst retaining its strong industrial character and aesthetic to provide both a fitting commemoration and tribute to the past, and a vibrant and accessible public space for the future. Thorn really understood the importance not just of light quality and reduced energy consumption in providing a public space for the future, but also of finding the appropriate aesthetic in such a high profile and historically important site - and worked well with the team to ensure the best design solutions were achieved.”

Andrew Smith, Senior Electrical Design Engineer Henderson Warnock Ltd, stated “We specified Thorn for the project as we have a good relationship with them and can rely on the company’s products to deliver the required results in an environmentally sound manner. The lighting forms an intrinsic part of this project, which will benefit the residents and businesses of Clydebank and beyond”.

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