RST® system offers plug-and-play installation for horticultural lighting (UPDATED)

May 11, 2021
Wieland Electric delivers pre-assembled RST system components for quick and safe installation of HPS and LED lighting in controlled environment agriculture operations.

The environment of a horticulture installation creates very specific requirements for lighting luminaires but all farms, whether it is green house or vertical farm, have the same three criteria. That is, a high IP rating, no opening of LED luminaires or HPS luminaires on site and ease of cleaning. Wieland Electric has the perfect solution for the installation of lighting in horticultural environments with a completely pluggable system with IP66, IP68 and IP69 rated RST® plug + play solution.

Whether it is energy distribution in the field or a simple interface to appliances, RST® reduces installation and maintenance time and delivers total flexibility. The RST system is touch-safe, simple to expand and modify and offer very fast and simple installation with state-of-the-art ingress protection that allows predictable costs of operation.

The RST system components ensure the fastest installation possible, with pre-assembled cables for routing or supply of electrical power and pluggable distribution components guarantee a quick and safe installation for HPS and LED luminaires. Connectors interface between conventional and pluggable components without the need for stripping, dismantling and wiring. 

Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) is the future of produce farming and Wieland has essential solutions for CEA technology. If you would like to see for yourself how much faster a Wieland pluggable installation actually is compared to the traditional wiring system, contact us to receive free samples and try it for yourself and see the link or visit the Youtube channel at

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