University of California announces new UC-wide agreements for LED linear lighting in association with Million LED Challenge

May 6, 2021
UC Procurement expects that replacing linear fluorescent lamps with LED linear lamps, retrofit kits, and luminaires will deliver an 18.3% return on investment to the education system that includes state universities and community colleges.


UC Procurement is pleased to announce two new UC-wide agreements for high-quality LED Linear Lighting (as replacements for linear fluorescent lamps) as part of the Million LED Challenge (MLC) – Phase 2 program (

UC contracted lighting options include: Linear LED Lamps (TLEDs), and LED Retrofit Kits & Fixtures from these suppliers:

  • All-Phase CED (Agreement #2020.002766) – Linear LED Lamps (
  • LED GREEN Light International (Agreement #2020.002767) – Linear LED Lamps, Retrofit Kits, Luminaires (

These agreements are now available to all UC locations and include the outlined lighting products and associated services offered by each supplier. To view an agreement, please visit CalUsource ( and search by the Agreement # above.

This outcome is the result of the successful ongoing collaboration between UC Procurement its partners in the MLC program — the California State University (CSU) system, the California Community College (CCC) system, and the California Department of General Services (DGS).


Replacing linear fluorescent fixtures with high-quality LED linear fixtures is forecasted to result in these UC systemwide benefits annually:

  • 18.3% return-on-investment
  • $1.31M UC benefits systemwide
  • 7.9M CO2 reduction – aligning with the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative goals
  • Long-term solution to future needs


LED light sources help reduce our carbon footprint and energy use. With these new contracts, the MLC program has expanded available LED options to include high-quality linear LED lamps, retrofit kits and luminaires (as replacements for linear fluorescents) in addition to the A-lamps, PAR-lamps and downlights previously available in the program.

The MLC program launched in 2018 with the goal of encouraging widespread adoption of high-quality LED light sources in California government buildings, public universities and college campuses, and among public institution staff, students, faculty, and alumni.

Approximately 80% of California’s linear lamps are found in office, school, retail and other businesses. Public buildings also have historically purchased large quantities of linear fluorescent lighting.

The University of California (UC) and its partners are collaborating with facility managers throughout their organizations to encourage widespread adoption of high-quality LED light sources. The MLC program is also expanding to benefit other groups nationwide, such as the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.


Please contact Reynaldo Cano-Boza or the suppliers listed above.

Together with our suppliers, the UC Procurement Strategic Sourcing team is working hard to ensure effective implementation and full cost savings to benefit you and the University of California.


Reynaldo Cano-Boza, Senior Commodity Manager | Facilities, Maintenance & Capital Programs, UC Procurement


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