City Electric Supply Brings Light Back to Biggest Arena in Puerto Rico, Three Years After Hurricane Maria

May 5, 2021
The first CES branch in Puerto Rico recently helped restore the iconic Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot arena before officially opening its doors.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – (May 05, 2021) — While the first City Electric Supply (CES) branch in Puerto Rico hasn’t officially opened its doors, it’s already making waves on the island. City Electric Supply (CES) is both proud and excited to announce that the branch helped bring light back to one of the most popular arenas on the island. When Hurricane Maria made landfall in 2017, the seawater destroyed the lighting fixtures and the stage that once hosted popular names, like Paul Macartney, NBA teams and Disney on Ice. When it came time to restore the arena, City Electric Supply Branch Manager Beatriz Cintron and her team were hired to get the job done.

“The Coliseo is a source of great pride to many people. Restoring it was a project many people wanted to accomplish, but they chose to go with us,” said Cintron. “Our presentation had products, photometrics, everything. We ended up supplying all lighting fixtures, and they were installed by an electrical contractor here.”

But the work didn’t stop there. The branch did more than restore the coliseum from hurricane damage; the team made it stronger and more efficient than before by reducing energy consumption and lighting contamination.

“The coliseum used to have these old metal halide fixtures, so we also provided them more durable and effective RGB lighting system,” explained Cintron. “They used to have 500 fixtures, and now they only need 50. They used to put plastic over the lights to change the colors, and now they have a more sophisticated system.”

How was a project like this possible for a branch that has yet to officially open? Cintron can tell you.

“Our passion took over. We did so much work to earn the project. We even used measurements from Google Earth,” said Cintron. “We answered every call, and we worked weekends. We did everything we needed to do to support this project. We gave what CES always gives — great service.”

And the branch received a lot of support along the way from CES team members in Miami.

“It’s very important to highlight the incredible support I received from Export and Industrial Branch Manager Jeffrey Delgado and District Manager Aramis Montenegro,” said Cintron. “They trusted me with this project the same way the client trusted my branch with the project. It’s that trust and support that drives me.”

“The fact that they did all of this without the branch even being fully opened is incredible,” added Delgado.

Cintron is excited to see the success of this project open doors in the future.

“We are so proud of this result, and we hope this project brings more opportunities. We wanted to make a good impression so that when people see the lighting, they ask who did it and find out it was us,” said Cintron. “I think we’ve accomplished that.”

The future looks bright for the CES branch in Puerto Rico. After all, the team secured a job at one of the most well-known spots on the island before they even officially opened. Delgado believes this is only the beginning of a long list of achievements for CES in Puerto Rico.

“CES is going to be a major player in big projects there in the future,” said Delgado. “Pharma, solar, everything. Just wait and see.”

In the meantime, Cintron will continue working from the office with her CES shirt on.

“I know that our branch hasn’t opened its doors yet, but I wake up every morning and put my CES shirt on before going to the office,” said Cintron. “I know I won’t be seeing anyone, but it makes me proud to wear the company on my shirt because I know I represent CES here in Puerto Rico.”

With the first big project as branch manager under her belt, Cintron looks forward to finally opening the doors to customers. CES is proud of all that she and her team, the newest additions to the CES family, have already accomplished in Puerto Rico.

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